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Q. What is a Florida Snowbird? A. A person who lives or stays in Florida only during the winter, usually for at least a month but many stay 3-4 months. January, February and March are the most popular months that snowbirds winter in Florida. They may live in either a home or condo they own, or in a seasonal […]

The Best Places to Rent in Florida during Winter

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The Kind of Jobs and Pay You’ll Find in Florida Tourism and agriculture are Florida’s two largest industries. Although a great chef or a the manager of a large hotel may command a decent salary, the majority of jobs in these industries pay in the neighborhood of minimum wage. The minimum wage in Florida at the time of this […]

The Best Places to Live in Florida for Jobs

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In this post you find three of the best retirement communities in Florida today. To be considered for this list, the retirement community must have met at least the following requirements to be considered: The Retirement Community Must be in an Area with a Low Crime Rate Florida has the 45th worst crime rate of the 50 states. Almost […]

The Best Retirement Communities in Florida

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Why This Best Places to Raise a Family in Florida List is Different This list is different because it’s not just a simple list of the best school districts. Many websites simply list ratings and rankings of the best school districts in Florida. What makes our list different is that we look at much more than just how the […]

Best Places to Raise a Family in Florida 2015

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Here Are Some Facts You May Want to Be Aware of Before Moving Your Family to Florida Major University Study Shows Florida Has a Very Transient Population. People move to Florida after bad winters elsewhere or because they had a great time on vacation in the state. Everyone loves Florida when they first move. As time passes and they […]

Start Here Before Moving to Florida

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These are the best places to retire to in Florida if you’re planning to move here in 2015. We believe we’ve used the same priorities that most retirees would in choosing a place to move to for retirement. This year we’ve given a high priority to access to amenities such as shopping, restaurants, pubs, entertainment, and recreation. A very […]

Best Places to Retire in Florida 2015

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Warning: We can’t recommend moving to any of Florida’s major cities because they all have very high crime rates. We have prepared this list because some people who will only consider living in a major city. You may be thinking that all major cities in the US have high crime rates, but Florida’s major cities have a worse problem […]

The Best Cities to Live in Florida 2015

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Florida’s High Crime Rate Ranking all states by crime rate, with #1 having the best crime rate and #50 having the worst, Florida is ranked #45, according to USA.com. So if you’re moving from any of the 44 states with less crime, you’re moving to a state with a higher crime rate. Why is this important? Because I’ve talked […]

The Safest Towns to Live in Florida

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Does living in Florida even have any negatives? Ask anyone thinking of moving to Florida about the pros and cons of living in the sunshine state, and they will probably be able to give you a long list of imagined positives but may not be able to mention even one negative. Ask that same person five years after they […]

Florida Pros and Cons

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These towns are among the absolute best places to live in Florida in 2015 and beyond. Since Florida has a higher overall crime rates than other states (so probably higher than the state you’re from), cities and towns must have a much lower crime rate than Florida’s average to make our list. They also must have better schools and […]

The Best Places to Live in Florida 2015

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Walkable Cities Promote Better Health Studies show that people who live the longest healthiest lives have one thing in common, they get plenty of exercise every day, and they don’t even own exercise equipment. They don’t belong to a gym either. They do live in communities where walking almost everywhere they want to go is just a natural part […]

Florida’s Most Walkable Towns

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Love golf so much you’re thinking of moving to Florida so you can play all year long? Here’s some of what you should know before you move to Florida because you love golf: Florida’s weather is usually amazing during the winter, perfect for playing golf. The price you pay for that great 3 months of warmth if you live […]

Best Places to live in Florida for Golfers 2015

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So you’re thinking of moving to Florida because you love the beach, or fishing, or sunsets on the water, or the tasty fresh seafood great beach towns have. With all that coastline in Florida, hundreds of miles of beach and cities and towns all along it, how do you choose which one is best for you? This should help! […]

The 5 Best Beach Towns in Florida to Live or ...

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We Chose the Most Affordable Places Like You Would There are more “best places” lists than ever because they draw page views, that in turn sells advertising, which is the real purpose of most websites and blogs that put out the lists. Many of these lists are worthless but unfortunately some people will end up making important life altering […]

The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida 2015

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Florida Absent from Money Magazine Best Places to Retire List Many best places to retire lists give too much weight to hot weather. One list cited “the hotter the better” as a criteria. Using that logic, a desert that regularly reaches 120 degrees would be the ideal place to retire. Start building those retirement condos in the hottest African […]

Best Places to Retire in 2015 in the US

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Despite what most people believe about Florida being the best place to live, Florida is only the 31rst best place to live out of the 50 states according to the book “How to Retire Happier”, due out late September 2014. That’s not just some author’s (me) flawed view, it’s the result of examining and ranking all of the quality […]

Best Places to Live in Florida 2015 Small Towns