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If inexpensive living is what you are looking for when moving to Florida, these places are the Best places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget. Whether you’re retiring or looking to keep your home up northbest places to live in florida on a budget beach and buy an affordable second home in Florida, there are areas where you can still take advantage of the disastrous price drop that happened in Florida during the great recession. While there may be other areas that are still cheap, I choose these areas because they are also relatively safe and located close to the beaches and the activities people move to Florida for.

Best places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget, East Coast, Brevard County

Brevard County on Florida’s east coast suffered two big hits to it’s economy in the last several years when NASA mothballed the Space Shuttle program and the huge loss of real estate values during the last recession. The bottom for this area has been reached and the economy is slowly improving, but there are still a lot of homes and condos for sale under $100,000.

Besides being affordable, living in Brevard County means your are never that far from some beautiful beaches and golf courses. The Brevard County Manatees offers baseball fans affordable entertainment. Trips to the theme parks in Orlando aren’t difficult either since they’re only about an hour away.

There are about thirty miles of beach in the county. They are uncrowded sections perfect for fishing, collecting shells and just laying in the sun listening to the waves. There are also beaches with more going on that are close to bars an restaurants like you’ll see in this video.

If you will be moving to Florida but plan on driving back north often, Brevard’s location can be ideal. because I-95 runs right through it. It’s a much shorter trip back home than traveling from south Florida or the Gulf coast. For air travel, Melbourne International Airport in Brevard County has two major airlines flying from it. Just an hour away, Orlando can get you anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a place to move to in Florida in 2014 that offers inexpensive living options in a safe relaxing environment, there are areas in Brevard County that may be just what you are looking for.

Best Places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget, West Coast, Charlotte County Florida

Like Brevard County on the east coast of Florida, Charlotte County was hit hard by the last recession and prices fell fast. The bottom has been hit here too and prices are increasing but there are still a lot of condos and homes for sale cheap in the area. There are many areas in Florida where there are still inexpensive properties, but they are mostly located in areas with high levels of crime or located out in the middle of nowhere, and after a few months you’ll be so bored you’ll be shoving sharp objects in your eyes for something to do.

Like Brevard County, you’re never that far away from beautiful beaches, golf courses, fishing and all the activities that make people consider Florida when thinking about relocating. Punta Gorda is a nice little town that was a “best places to live” pick many years ago by Money Magazine, when the state of Florida claimed most of the top picks. The town has a large manicured park with tennis courts right on the river waterfront. From the park you can walk to shops and restaurants at Fishermen’s Village. Here’s a video of Fishermen’s Village during the annual Pirate Fest (video was done by a gun advocate (he dicusses that at the beginning and end of the video, a warning for those who may be upset by that) that shows the village and fest well. On a side note, Florida now has over 1,000,000 people who can legally carry a concealed firearm.

Charlotte County also has a stadium that is the spring training facility for the Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball team and the Charlotte Stone Crabs. Charlotte may be a few hours from Orlando but it’s only a little over an hour from Busch Gardens in Tampa. Charlotte also has some nice beaches with clear warm water on the Gulf of Mexico in the Englewood area.

Charlotte County has it’s own small airport with a small number of major airlines offering flight, but the Tampa St Petersburg is probably the closest major airport with lots of flights, about an hour away. While Brevard County may be driven to from points north, a driving to Charlotte County may involve an overnight stay.

Florida isn’t for everyone as the high number of people moving out everyday proves. But if you’re committed to moving to Florida in 2014 and are looking for a place that’s affordable, safe and offers much of what draws people to the state, you will want to consider these two areas. Comments are welcome.

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6 thoughts on “Best places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget

  • Penny

    My husband and I are moving to Florida by the end of summer. We live in Dsm Iowa now. We’re trying to decide where we want to live there. Need something affordable as we live on a fixed income and we’d love something away from high crime areas and definately by the beach!! The beach is a must have. Apartment living isn’t for us as we have kitties that will be making the move with us.
    If you could send me some ideas and maybe some pics of homes including prices I’d really appreciate it. Can’t really learn that much on my computer. Houses, duplex, condos is what we’re looking for but preferably a house.
    Thank you,
    Penny & Bart Adkins

    • Ron Post author

      Hello Penny and Bart,
      I’m sorry but this blog isn’t a real estate services website, so I can’t send you homes, prices, etc. Before you do contact a Realtor, I suggest you decide on what area(s) you are interested in considering first, because 1) an agent will only be able to help in one specific area. 2) asking an agent what area is best won’t work because the answer you will get is the area that they sell homes in (that’s their job, they get paid for selling).

      An agent will tell you the area they sell in is best because they will make thousands of dollars if you buy there, from them. It may not be the best area for you, in fact it may be one of the worst. If it turns out to be an area you hate, the agent may win again if you list the home for sale with them. Happens all the time in Florida.

      Please do yourself a favor and thoroughly research any move. There are lots of people who move BACK to the mid-west from Florida. As far as what area in Florida, please read the post on this website about the “best places to retire in Florida in 2014″, I think between that and a re-read of this post “best places to live on a budget”, you may be able to narrow it down. If you could locate a Realtor in the area you want to move, that is originally from Iowa, that connection may be very beneficial. I hope you find a good and especially honest agent that is truly interested in helping you, as much as they are interested in cashing a commission check. Good luck.

    • betty

      Hi Penny,
      Did you find any info yet? My husband and I also on a fixed income, retired are looking for an apt to rent that is affordable. we live in Chicagoland and cant seem to find anything.
      I was wondering about where in Florida to research.
      Thanks and good luck to you.

  • FloridaNative

    Living in Florida on a fixed income is nearly impossible. The cost of living is outrageous and things continue to get more expensive. Sure, we don’t have a state income tax, but those revenues are made up by taxing other everyday necessities. The crime rate is rising, the entire state is full of illegals, drugs and gangs are rampant. The immigrants come and jump behind the wheel of the nearest car, not bothering to get a license, much less insurance. No one speaks English in stores like Wal-Mart (employees AND customers) especially in South Florida, and everyone is extremely rude. Florida is known as a transient state: Watch America’s Most Wanted and COPS. Florida is mentioned at least once an episode as where a criminal has either committed a crime, fled to, or lives/lived in. You know you’re in the wrong place when COPS regularly rides along with the Sheriff’s department in the county in which you live (Palm Beach)

    If you like no change of season; hot muggy summers (all year round) and about three days of comfortable temperatures in the “winter”, bugs that spread tropical diseases and grow to the size of small house cats, then come to Florida. There are much more affordable, hospitable, safe states to move to. Unless you are uber-wealthy, then Florida is for you. I’ve lived here more than 50 years, and I’m moving north (out of the state) as soon as I can save up enough money to do so.

    Do yourselves a favor-DO SOME MAJOR RESEARCH!! I used to own a mortgage company. Research on the internet, don’t depend on someone who is looking to make money on whether or not you move to Florida (or any place for that matter) The place you decide to move to is where you’ll be calling home. Don’t leave anything to chance.

    • Ron Post author

      Comments from people who have lived in Florida long enough to know what it’s really like are always welcome. Thanks for making the effort to explain what your experience has been and the area you live in. Most people moving to Florida usually only come across websites that sell dreams (myths) so they can increase their bank account. While there are some areas that are more expensive than others, even towns that have lower home prices aren’t as inexpensive as some other states. Running the AC in Florida almost all year is expensive. I wouldn’t recommend southeast Florida for full-time Florida living. Thanks again for writing “FloridaNative”

  • sharon

    I have lived in the panhandle of Florida for the last 30 years, between Pensacola and Panama city. Due to the military in the area if you aren’t employed by the Dept. Of Defense or retired military prepare for low wages and no benefits or Choose a different area.