Best Places to Live Orlando Florida

Mount Dora is no longer on any of our best places lists as of 2014 because it’s crime rate is too high to qualify for our tougher criteria.

Where are the best places to live Orlando Florida area?

I choose three areas, all within commuting distance of Orlando but far enough away to escape the best places to live orlano florida the magic castlehoards of tourist so you can relax. When living in central Florida, you are much less likely to have to deal with the full force of a hurricane or be forced to leave your home under a mandatory evacuation.

Although it’s rare to see any Florida town on a national best place to live list anymore, three areas were ranked in the top 10 best places to live by Money Magazine at some point in the past. The fact that they are so close to each other tells you something about how special this general area is.

First up, Mount Dora. If you prefer small town living over the big cities, this could be a good choice.

This photo of Mount Dora is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mount Dora has a historic small town charm that is enhanced because it is located on a lake offering recreational boating. The town is filled with shops, many run by artists.  There are all kinds of restaurants and some very interesting pubs. The town is perfect for walking just about anywhere you want to go. Finding a home that is within walking distance of downtown would be a huge plus.

Residents that live close to town report hardly ever using their cars. Being able to walk to a favorite place for lunch or a cold one is good for the environment, and your health!

There is always something to do in Mount Dora because it is known as the “festival town”. The town comes alive many times every year as popular festivals bring people into the downtown to have fun and enjoy the weather. In February alone they hold both their “Annual Arts Festival” and The “Annual Mount Dora Music Festival”. If you want to live in a small town with a big sense of community, you must visit Mount Dora and it’s wonderful downtown. Check back in a few days to read about the other two areas. They aren’t far from Mount Dora.

Lake Mary and Longwood  may be two other places to consider in the Orlando. I must admit, before I moved to Florida I loved visiting the theme parks. After visiting the area too often once I moved to Florida, there are other areas in Florida I enjoy far more. The crime and congestion in Orlando is an  unattractive combination. For me, and this is just personal opinion, the negatives of living in the Orlando Area far outweigh the positives.


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