Dead Manatees, Red Tide, and Florida’s “Win”

Red Tide Outbreak Causing Record Number of Dead Manatees to Wash Up on Florida’s Beaches

Manatees are large slow moving sea creatures and are sometimes called “sea cows”. They considered to red tide and manateesbe as intelligent as dolphins, pose no threat to humans and have friendly curious personalities. They are a protected species in Florida and the warm waters (they can’t survive water colder than 60 degrees) surrounding  the state is believed to to home to about 5000 of them.

Right now there is an usual winter outbreak of red tide off the southwest coast of Florida. Red tide is a toxic algae bloom that causes the death of sea life and can cause problems for humans when it enters the air above the water and wind blows it over land. Red tide is a naturally accruing algae but scientist believe that pollution run off may increase the number of incidences and allow them to grow larger because the algae feeds on the pollutants.

The red tide bloom is responsible for a record number dead and dying manatees washing up on Florida beaches. The death toll is approaching 200 of the 800- 1200 lb marine mammals. You can imagine the attention just one huge dead sea creature washing up on a beach can attract. This is exactly the type of thing

Florida tourism related businesses and officials don’t want to see at the height of snowbird and spring break beach season.

Florida Officials Announce a Big “Win” for the State.

Florida officials have announced that after years of expensive litigation, they have prevented the U.S. EPA from enforcing tough new rules to force Florida to clean up it’s troubled waters. The EPA has agreed to weaker rules rather than continue fighting and will provide loopholes for the well connected polluters, according to some environmentalist. Senator Rubio calls the deal a win for Florida industry and Florida officials. It’s ironic that the type of pollution they were fighting over contributes to red tide. Talk about bad timing.

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