Moving to Florida Pros & Cons of Retiring or Living in Florida Thu, 05 Mar 2015 15:24:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Best Cities to Live in Florida 2015 Thu, 11 Dec 2014 17:07:50 +0000 Some people moving to Florida won’t consider any place other than a large city. The following list’s are for you. The only cities eligible for consideration for the following lists are places with a population of at least 200,000. I’ve made a few lists based upon city of miami in floridadifferent criteria. For instance, you may be single, childless and your main priority in choosing a large city in Florida is finding work. We have a list for you, but our research shows that many of Florida’s small and mid-sized cities may offer a better chance of employment. They may have fewer jobs than a large city available overall, but they also have fewer applicants per open position so your chances are better.

If you’re retiring and don’t much care about job availability or school rankings, we have a list for you too. Again, the amenities that you’re moving to a larger city for can be found in smaller cities with far less crime. Many of these smaller cities and towns are located just outside a major city and may be a far better retirement alternative than one of Florida’s major cities.

We also list the major cities by crime rate. Florida’s crime rate is higher than the national average. In fact, crime in Florida is more of a problem than in all but a handful of other states. This list may be of interest to everyone from young and single to seniors. Be advised that just because a major city in Florida tops our list by crime rate, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Your chance of becoming a victim in any of Florida’s major cities are still higher than being in New York, NY.

Best Cities to live in Florida for Employment

#1 Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s per capita income is lower than the national average.

#2 St Petersburg

#3 Tampa

#4 Orlando

Best Cities to Live in Florida by Cost of Living

#1 St Petersburg

Florida’s cost of living in higher than the national average, but St Petersburg’s cost of living is lower than Florida’s. St Petersburg’s median home sale price is about $160,000 which means half the homes sell for less than that.

#2 Tampa

#3 Orlando

#4 Jacksonville

Best Cities to Live in Florida by Crime Rate

#1 Hialeah

Hialeah’s violent crime rate and property crime is higher that the national average, but it’s the only city in Florida with a population over 200,000 with a crime rate is lower than Florida’s average rate.

#2 Jacksonville

#3 Tampa

#4 St Petersburg

Best Cities to Live in Florida for Better School Districts

Quality of education in Florida can vary wildly, even within the same district. This list is just for an overall quick comparison. You actually have to pick a neighborhood, then see how schools for that area rank.

#1 Orlando

See Living in Orlando Florida Pro and Con Videos

#2 St Petersburg

#3 Jacksonville

#4 Tampa

Best Cities to Retire in Florida

Chosen with an emphasis on amenities and safety, although we are not saying they are safe..

#1 Hialeah

#2 Tampa

#3 Jacksonville

Best Cities to Live in Florida Overall

#1 Tampa

See Living in Tampa Florida Pro and Con Videos

#2 Jacksonville

See Living in Jacksonville Florida Pro and Con Videos

Please note: This list only includes only cities with over 200,000 people. In our opinion, this is not a “best of the best” but a list of the least worse. There are far better places to live in Florida and many of them are located just outside of these large cities. You can find them here.

Do you have something to add? If so, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with other readers.

The real question is should you be moving to Florida at all?


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The Safest Towns to Live in Florida Sat, 15 Nov 2014 19:17:06 +0000 Florida’s High Crime Rate

Ranking all states by crime rate, with #1 having the best crime rate and #50 having the worst, Florida is ranked #45, according to So if you’re moving from any of the 44 states with less crime, you’re moving to a state with a higher crime rate. Why is this important? Because I’ve talked with 1000’s of buyers since first becoming licensed in the real estate business in 1986, and not one buyer even said they wanted to move to an area with a high crime rate. In fact, many were moving precisely because they wanted to move their family to a safer area.

So why would anybody from those 44 states with a lower crime rate, ever move to a state with a higher crime rate like Florida, if they wouldn’t do that in there home state? Because in their home state they know where most of the crime happens and where the safer areas are. Also, most people aren’t aware just how high Florida’s crime rate is.

Florida Crime Myths and Mythinformation

Lets take 3 Florida towns that many people may be considering a move to, Sarasota, Gainesville and St Augustine. Each of these towns has a substantially higher crime rate than the Florida Florida as a whole, and Florida has more crime than 44 other states.

Lets take a hypothetical situation where a buyer from out of state is looking at places to live in one of these 3 towns. The out of state buyer has not researched crime rates or is there because of a “faulty” best place list. While looking at a home, the out of state buyer asks the agent, “is this in a safe area?”

Here’s just 2 possible answers:

  1. “Yes this is a safe area. I live here. My kids go to the schools here and we’ve never had a problem”.
  2. “Florida has a higher crime rate than the US average, and this town has a higher rate than the Florida average.”

Answer #2 states facts, but probably would not result in a sale and commission for the agent, a worse outcome for her, but this answer may lead to the buyer looking at homes in safer towns and a possible better outcome for them.

Answer #1 is what I call a mythinformation. It may be factual in that the agent may indeed live in that area, her kids may go to the schools and they may not ever have had a problem, but what if the towns crime rate is among the highest in the US?

  • If you were the out of state buyer, which answer would help you make the best decision for your family?
  • Which kind of answer do you think you’re more likely to get?
  • If an out of state buyer purchases a home in a higher crime town based upon an agent’s “safe” answer, can the buyer sue the agent (and real estate company) if he or a member of his family becomes a victim of a crime, after moving in?

How We Choose Our “Best Places”

A buyer can protect themselves and their family by learning a towns crime rate before they even consider looking there. All of our 2015 choices for any best place 2015 list, will be at least as safe as the Florida average crime rate. Most of our choices are far safer than the Florida’s average crime rate and are among the safest you’ll find in Florida. As a buyer in your home town, you wouldn’t want to move to a high crime area. We’re sure that’s the case when you move to Florida too. You’ll probably want a place that’s at least as safe, if not safer, than where you’re moving from.

And Guess What, There are Safer Places to Live in Florida

Even though Florida has a high average crime rate, there still are a few very low crime rate places left. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for either. We’ve identified beach towns, small towns, affordable towns, walkable towns, towns near golf, all with lower crime rates. There are safe alternatives to Sarasota, Gainsville, St Augustine and all the other towns with high crime rates. If two places are similar, why choose the one with a much higher crime rate?

Florida Crime Rate FAQ’s

Q) “I live in New York City, how bad can crime in Florida cities be”, or “all big towns have high issues”

A) Mythinformation! Today, New York City has a lower rate of crime than all of Florida’s major cities like Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St Petersburg and Miami. New York City has a lower crime rate than Sarasota, Gainesville and St Augustine and lots of other Florida towns. So yes, Florida cities are worse than New York, and no, not all large cities in the US have terrible crime rates.

Q) This site’s best places lists now disqualifies towns because of high crime rates. “I’m trying to sell homes in a safe area in a town with a high crime rate, it’s unfair not to choose a town because part of it has a crime problem.

A) It’s unfair to towns with low crime rates, and to buyers, to rate places as if crime rates don’t matter, because they do. There are homes for sale for $1 in Detroit? Why don’t they sell? You show me a town with  a crime rate that is going up, and I’ll show you a town where real estate prices are going to head south.

Buyers, I strongly urge you to check the crime rate of any area before even looking there. You’ll make better decisions if you use facts and statistics over Mythinformation. You can find crimes rates listed on many websites online. You can learn the rate of where you now live, and anywhere you are thinking of moving, for comparison at (not a government run site). At the top of the site there’s a search box. You can put a town name in and hit search. When the town info comes up, click the “crime rate” tab. Hey, check our picks to see the low crime rate for yourself.

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