Florida Guns Over One Million have Permits to Carry 9 comments

Update: Florida Bill to allow concealed carry of firearms during hurricanes, riots, etc.

If you have see the Florida pros and con videos on this site, you know Florida has probably more than it’s share of fights and riots. The state has hurricane issues too. But will allowing people that don’t have a permits to carry a firearm, to pack a weapon during evacuations and other “emergencies” make things better or worse? http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/04/10/4049956/florida-house-bill-would-allow.html

Florida Seems to be Shooting to Become the “Gunshine” State

Whether you would like to see the rights of gun owners expand or you believe the US needs gun control, If you’re moving to Florida you may want to know more about Florida’s gun laws and politics.

Update: Floridians now have the Right to Set Up a Gun Range in Their Backyard

Hey, this is Florida where the Republications are in control and they love guns. In a state where your backyard may meet your neighbors, gun owners can set up targets and start shooting. This can be done without going through zoning or getting a permit like you would need to put up something dangerous, like a shed. State lawmakers even went so far as to say that any local official who would interfere with this right by passing a local law could be removed from office. Wow. Read more at Reuters News Service

Update: Florida Introduces Bill to Prevent Insurance Companies from Charging Homeowners with Guns Higher Premiums

Some homeowner insurance companies in Florida feel that possibly being on the hook for the liability in lawsuits that involve a gun owning homeowner, puts they at greater risk than households without guns. In a state where a homeowner could get sued over a  “stand your ground” shooting done by the homeowner on the property, or an “accident” at a backyard barbecue and target shooting shindig (with a few brews?) the insurers must feel they need to charge a higher rate to compensate. The Florida legislators have introduced a bill to prohibit insurers in Florida from charging gun owners more (incidentally, as of the beginning of 2014, Florida now officially has the highest homeowners insurance rates in the US, double the average US rate). Usually these lawmakers are all for the market determining the cost of goods and services, but apparently not when it doesn’t suit them. Read more the Insurance Journal

1,000,000 Active Florida Guns Concealed Weapon Permit Holders

In 2013 the number of Florida residents that can carry a concealed firearm exceeded one million people for the first time. The State of florida gunsFlorida’s Department of Agriculture is the government agency that oversees the issue of the permits, and they are quite proud of the sunshine state’s support of Floridians second amendment constitutional rights.

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Florida’s population is about 19 million people. So about 1 out of every 19 people has the right to carry a loaded weapon. So when you’re in bumper to bumper traffic with thousands of other people on I-95 because of an accident, how many stressed out possible road-ragers are packing heat? 52 out of every 1000 cars minimum? When you’re in a store in Florida with about 100 others, are 5 of those ordinary looking shoppers armed with a deadly weapon? Everyone knows that lots of seniors have moved to Florida for retirement for decades. How many 70, 80 90 year old Florida citizens are walking around with a cane and a Glock?

The state of Florida has been in the national news a lot in the last couple of years with the stand your ground law and the Zimmerman shooting trial. If you’re thinking about moving to Florida or just visiting on vacation, the state does have gun friendly reciprocal agreements with many states that allow visitors to carry a concealed weapon in during a visit to Florida.

If you do not believe in the right of citizens to carry lethal weapons or if 1,000,000 people in Florida carry guns causes you to worry about safety, you may want to think about that before moving. If you are a gun enthusiast, it’d be difficult to find a state that has friendlier gun laws. There was a review of the “stand your ground law” after the Travon Martin incident and trial, and the state’s backing of the law was reaffirmed.

Regardless of your personal feelings, you can learn more about Florida firearm laws here: http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/news/concealed_carry.html

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9 thoughts on “Florida Guns Over One Million have Permits to Carry

  • Leonard Popham

    I live in TEXAS but was a park ranger in FLORIDA @ johnsoj beach part of Ft Pickens. I think if 100$ of people that can pass a back ground check should carry a gun! crime would go through the floor. The only thing that will stop crime & crooks with a gun IS a HONEST person with a gun. Leonard in TEXAS

  • Arthur from s. Florida

    Yes, the more law abiding people carry guns the lower the crime rate. Chicago is on a record murder tear again already this year despite having among the strictest gun control laws in the U.S.! History proves what works.

    • Private

      Guns dont stop crime, crime will ALWAYS be committed wherever you are.

      So like Florida where nearly 400 people were killed by gunshot wounds in 2012 is really safe… sure thing buddy

  • Royce

    Legal Guns End Thuggery! Period. We had an entire generation of young men celebrating the “Gangsta Lifestyle” a decade ago. Punks just a-singing songs about how cool it was to steal, fight, and abuse woman. Those idiots are looking for jobs today because of our 1,000,000+ gun permits. How long did you think it would take society to come up with a solution to that problem? Sorry if you don’t like the solution. Robbing people was never a wise carrier path anyway. I live in Satellite Beach. Our crime is WAY down from the 1990’s! I doubt you could rob 3 people here now before someone blew a smoking hole through your chest. Again I say, Legal Guns End Thuggery!!

    • Danny

      RE: YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS. Guns kill people, and the way to stop killing is not more guns. BAN FIREARMS IN AMERICA!!!!!!!

      You are an idiot! Ban guns? Aren’t drugs, such as cocaine, banned in AMERICA? How’s that working? Once marijuana is legalized in AMERICA, do you think marijuana will still be imported from other countries? You’re the guy that gets his family killed during the night because you refuse to arm your home. I’m fine with stupid people dying. We need less stupid people in AMERICA. But I think you should give your family a chance to live.


    • M.E.

      In Switzerland every one has guns no gun crimes china can take America but due to our 2nd amendment they will not attack us and polls also state over 90% of people that want gun control know nothing about guns at all what about accountability

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