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Florida Bouncer Kills Three Friends Because of Prank

Friends of a Florida man who was filmed at a shooting range when his gun misfired, became enraged when three friends later used the footage as a flashing red lightsjoke. The bouncer then shot and killed the three outside an Ocala Florida business. There seems to be a growing amount of violent crime Florida news lately.

There are over one million permits issued in the state of Florida that allows the concealed carry of firearms by citizens. The state has reciprocity laws that allow permit holders from many other states to carry weapons when visiting the state as well. One out of seventeen Florida residents are allowed to carry a firearm legally. When you’re in a crowded Walmart or in a large traffic jam, that can add up to a lot of weapons. How many have an anger management issue like the bouncer did?

Florida announces Time Share Fraud Cases

The State of Florida has fought hard to clean up the image of real estate swindlers who in the old days sold expensive lots that were not buildable.  That effort continues still today. One difference noted by the state is the crooks involved in the 191 fraud cases just filled are now more likely to have criminal records involving violence and drugs.

Newcomers who don’t have a trusted real estate professional in Florida need to take extra care to protect themselves from incompetence and outright fraud.

Harder to Sue for Medical Malpractice in Florida?

A new law that could make suing a doctor or hospital for injuries resulting from botched medical care may be of interest to prospective new residents. You can read the story at the Huffington Post here.

What Would Florida News Be without a “Cop Shoots Alligator” Story

A bunch of youngsters were apparently having a good time throwing stuff at an alligator near Daytona Beach, that is until it started to swim towards them. The police were called and showed up with an alligator trapper. When florida alligatoralligators cause trouble, the ones less that five feet long are usually trapped and relocated away from populated areas. Larger ones are killed.

Well this ten foot gator made a move towards the officers and was shot. When they pulled it out of the water it displayed some more angry moves and was shot a few more times and killed

Florida Still has the Highest Rate of Foreclosure in the U.S.

Nearly five years after the recession ended, the State of Florida still has the title of most homes in some stage of the foreclosure process. In many areas, especially south Florida, there are still many homeowner underwater and unable to sell.

The market continues to improve in sales and price increases and some more desirable areas have a “hot” market with dwindling supply and fast rising prices. In these locations it’s possible for builders to sell new homes again but we’re not at the point where they’re throwing up spec homes at a brisk pace yet. The memory of this last Florida real estate bust will take a little longer to fade for builders and lenders than previous downturns. The market is healing quicker than many other states, it just had to climb back from a steeper decline.

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