Florida Schools Graduation Rate Near Worst in the US

Moving to the state of Florida with school age children?

In years past, Florida’s high school graduation rates were not considered that bad. It turns out that’s florida schoolsbecause Florida schools counted students who got GED’s or “special education diplomas” in their graduation rates, unlike other states according to an article in the Palm Beach Post. The US Department of Education has now released a report that shows how graduations rates compare among US states. This year is the first year that the department published such a report, and it only counts standard high school diplomas. Florida’s graduation rate wasn’t the worst in the US, but it was 6th from the bottom.

Florida’s Governor Scott was criticized in the past for cutting education funds by 1.3 billion dollars to balance the budget due to lasting effects of the economic downturn. This year he restored 1 billion of that cut. An official of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future has said Florida’s schools face difficulties, such as challenging demographics where 57% of public school students receive reduced or free lunches.

We have been cautioning parents who move to Florida with kids to be sure to do their homework when choosing a place to live. There have been numerous violent crimes against students that have made national headlines over the last few years. You probably know where the good schools are in the area you now live. A similar knowledge about where you’re moving will help to keep them safer and better educated in their new home.

Research Florida Schools Ratings and Crime Rates for the Whole District

So you think you found a nice area to live in Florida that has a reasonable crime rate, one you can live with. Have you looked at the crime rates for the areas that the other kids in your child’s Florida school come from? I’ve been surprised by the number of attacks on students by other students that happen when the new kid first starts school. Moving to a totally new area and going to a new school where they don’t know anyone is traumatic enough for most kids, they really don’t need to become the victims of violent crime on top of it.

Another issue is how transient Florida is as a state. A high number of people that make permanent moves to Florida dislike the state after they learn that living there is different than they thought. Moving kids to Florida only to move them back home or yet somewhere else new can really set kids back. Parents moving to Florida with school age children really need to exercise special care.

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