Florida student beaten until she was unconscious on school bus!

PLEASE: When moving to Florida with children be careful about what schools they will be attending.

A 13 year girl riding a school bus for the first time was attacked and severely beaten by other students florida student school buson the bus. Two boys and five girls were arrested in the savage attack. It was reported that the girl was not allowed to sit down any of the other students and then the attack began. The bus was on it’s way to Liberty Middle School in  Ocala, Marion County Florida. The girl was beaten into unconsciousness and received a concussion.

Bullying and unbelievably horrifying attacks on Florida students is a growing problem. A few years ago four students from Walker Middle School in Tampa were charged with a brutal rape of a 13 year old boy in the school’s gym with a broom handle.

Please check the crime rate and other statistics before choosing to move to an area in Florida you are not familiar with. The fact is there are areas in Florida where you have to worry about your kids safety even though they are in the care of schools that are supposed to be protecting them.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement the violent crime rate in Florida mirrors the overall drop in crime reported in the nation as a whole. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s heightened reporting of crime incidents but people I talk with don’t feel safer in Florida now than I did years ago. Maybe there was a change in how they categorize different crimes that lowered the rate. Or maybe crime is actually going down in Florida and the US. When it comes to your families safety using statistical facts rather than the perception, especially if that perception is a strangers viewpoint, is the way to go.

Use Crime Statistics to Protect Your Soon to be Florida student

This link to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website could be the best place to get crime stats for the state of Florida.

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