Thinking of Florida Warm Weather?

You may get more Florida warm weather than you bargained for

Ah, Florida warm weather in the winter. Everybody love it and hiring is picks up to handle the increase of visitors who flock to the state for it. Of course, most of those “new” jobs will be low paying and temporary tourism work but it’s better than no income at all. The roads are starting to see more traffic and the shops and restaurants are ringing up more sales. It’s looks like it’s going to be a pretty good winter for areas popular with tourist and snowbirds.

The weather in Florida during winter can’t be beat. The horrible humidity that plaques most of the state for nine months a year disappears. The drenching downpours that you can expect a skinny state surrounded by water on three sides with a strong sun, don’t happen. There are no giant storms threatening, hurricane season officially ends November 30th. Yes the weather in Florida is perfect this time of year. it’s warm, sunny with low humidity and no rain.

It’s no wonder then, that many will go on vacation from a state where it’s getting cold and the trees have lost their leaves, and fall in love with Florida weather. They may do this every year, for years. Unfortunately, they may come to think that Florida has this perfect weather all year. Or that the weather is fantastic except for three months in summer. It sure would be nice if Florida was warm and sunny nine months out of the year and only hot and humid for three months.

The truth is that as a full time Florida resident, you learn that hurricane season is six months long, every year. Hot humid summer conditions last six to nine months, depending upon what part of the state you live in, every year. As the years go by, many people come to realize that trading three months of winter for nine months of heat and humidity was not a wise one. So like most that move to Florida for “paradise”, they move back home. Or they become “half backs” and leave FL for Georgia or North Carolina.

Go ahead, take a vacation to Florida and enjoy the great weather. If you can, rent a place for a month, it can be rather inexpensive. Some people do it every year. While enjoying that great winter sun, just keep in mind that the weather isn’t like that year round. Despite what some industries want you to believe, the best place to retire or live may be right where you are now.

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