Best places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget 6

If inexpensive living is what you are looking for when moving to Florida, these places are the Best places to Live in Florida 2014 on a Budget. Whether you’re retiring or looking to keep your home up north and buy an affordable second home in Florida, there are areas where you can still take advantage […]

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Best Place to Move in Florida for a Job 2014?

The Keys – Best Place to Move in Florida for a Job 2014? A Best Place to Move in Florida for a Job 2014 for: Active adventurous people with an above average independent income. Adventurous people with cash for a higher cost home  and seeking a laid back island lifestyle. People with the skills needed […]

Is the “Florida Move Guide” Too Negative? 1

The Florida Move Guide gets slammed with a 1 star review because the reader felt it was too negative. The Florida Move Guide is too negative? Allow me to point out some facts. A study published by the University of Florida in 2009 on migration in and out of Florida, found that over 10 million […]

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Florida College Student Doesn’t Like Florida Video 3

The Future Remains Bright for Florida Moving Companies and Real Estate Agents. After living in Florida for about 10 years total, the Florida college student in the video bashes Florida, then she gets bashed by comments from people who never lived there. This is proof that Florida is probably the best place to be in […]

Cost Of Living in Florida

What is the cost of Living in Florida? If you have to ask, I would recommend serious research and consideration before committing to a move to the state of Florida. This is particularly true if: Your move involves the sale of your current home and the purchase of a replacement residence in Florida. You will […]

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What is Living In Florida Really Like

The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the Theme parks with less travel hassles and expense. You get burnt by the stronger sun but learn to respect it. Those who don’t age quicker […]