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What is the cost of Living in Florida? If you have to ask, I would recommend serious research and consideration before committing to a move to the state of Florida. […]

Cost Of Living in Florida

what living in florida is really like
The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the […]

What is Living In Florida Really Like

hotel jobs in florida
The Number of People with Jobs in Florida Increases! In fact, Florida lead the country in job growth in October 2013. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that almost 47,000 […]

Jobs in Florida

living in florida pros and cons
Here are 2 different Living in Florida Pro and Con Lists The first one is a typical list written by someone BEFORE they move to Florida.  PROS It’s warm and […]

Living in Florida Pros and Cons

moving to florida tips moving van
Moving to Florida Tip #1 – Don’t move to Florida for the wrong reasons! Q. What is the #1 bad reason to move to Florida? A. Moving to Florida because […]

Moving to Florida Tips

buying a home in florida pros cons
Harry and Pauline seemed very upset when they answered the door of their home. I sensed they may have been arguing before I rang the doorbell. They called a day […]

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in Florida