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Florida Bouncer Kills Three Friends Because of Prank Friends of a Florida man who was filmed at a shooting range when his gun misfired, became enraged when three friends later used the footage as a joke. The bouncer then shot and killed the three outside an Ocala Florida business. There seems to be a growing amount of violent crime […]

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Tropical Storm Andrea Cuts Through Florida. The story here isn’t so much the problems this tropical storm caused for Florida. It was just a tropical storm and not a hurricane. Sure, some preparation had to be taken so that your outside stuff doesn’t get damaged or blown away, but storms like this are usually more of a minor inconvenience […]

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Will Your Florida Insurance Company be Able to Pay? On Thursday May 30th 2013, Florida’s Governor Scott was quoted as saying “Citizens has gotten way too big…There was no way in a significant hurricane that Citizens was going to be able to pay” according to a report from Reuters News Service. Citizens Insurance was created by the State Of […]

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Florida’s Hurricane Season Starts June 1rst The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center expects this hurricane season to be an “active or extremely active” one. They say there there is a high chance of 13-20 tropical storms and 7-11 of those could become hurricanes and 3-6 of those could become major hurricanes. Major hurricanes can have […]

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Florida Still Leads the Nation in Foreclosures Update– Florida is still the foreclosure capital of the US according to real estate research firm Realty Trac. Florida had more foreclosure fillings in the first six months of 2014 than any other state. Miami had the most foreclosures of any other metro area in the country during the first half of […]

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What are the pros and cons of moving to Florida and why do so many people move move out? Florida is the most traveled to vacation destination in the world most years. While on vacation, people experience many of the pros but rarely any of the cons of what living in state every day would actually be like. After […]

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Florida Returns to “Best Places” Lists After Years of Absence In the mid-90’s, Florida dominated most of the best places to live and the best places to retire lists. As a real estate professional, I was lucky enough to have just moved to Florida a few years before the area was named a top pick by one of the […]

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