Pros and Cons of Buying a Home in Florida

Harry and Pauline seemed very upset when they answered the door of their home. I sensed they may have been arguing before I rang the doorbell. They called a day earlier and wanted me to look at their home and tell them what I thought it could sell for. In doing my homework  before going […]

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Best Florida School Districts Don’t Measure up?

Where are the Best Florida School Districts Located? When considering a move to Florida with school age children, many parents start by looking for the best school districts in Florida. While this normally would be a logical way to ensure that your kids will get a good education, what if most of the schools in […]

Best Place to Retire in Florida Part 1

Best Place to Retire in Florida vrs the Best Place to Live What’s the difference? Many places now put out two distinct lists. There are fantastic places to live in Florida that don’t make it onto these modern day computer generated lists because maybe their schools are just average or they don’t offer a lot […]

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Where to Live in Florida

Where to live in Florida – Part 1 – North Florida Where to Live in Florida is the second most important question to ask when moving to the sunshine state. The most important question is IF you should really be moving to Florida, but that’s not the subject of this particular post. For the purposes […]