The Best Cities to Live in Florida 87 comments

If you’re moving to Florida and like the the energy that larger cities provide, then you probably have been searching the web for the best cities to live in Florida. If so, you probably have been disappointed because Florida cities have not appeared anywhere other than the bottom of the best places to live lists for years. Forget Looking […]

Miami at night

best places to retire florida 2014

Best Places to Retire Florida 2014 9 comments

We are at just the beginning of the huge wave of baby boomers that will be retiring and it’s estimated that 10,000 people a day are now retiring every day in the U.S. It wasn’t that long ago that Florida was the default state for retirees that were relocating to enjoy their “golden years” elsewhere. That has changed drastically. […]

Best Small Towns to Live in Florida 2014 for Jobs 2 comments

Criteria Used to Choose the Best Small Towns to Live in Florida 2014 for Jobs When I was young I asked some of the wisest people I knew where the best place to live was. The answer most often given was “the place you can earn a living”. Having lived in a few different states in the US and […]

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