Best Small Towns to Live in Florida 2014 for Jobs

Criteria Used to Choose the Best Small Towns to Live in Florida 2014 for Jobs When I was young I asked some of the wisest people I knew where the best place to live was. The answer most often given was “the place you can earn a living”. Having lived in a few different states in the US and […]

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Is Florida the Best State to Live in the United States

No, Florida is not the Best State to Live in, or Even One of the Best That’s according to a new poll done by Gallop. They asked residents from all fifty states if they thought the state they lived in was the best, or one of the best states in the US to live. Most Florida residents that were […]

Florida student beaten until she was unconscious on school bus!

Lee County Florida Schools Opt Out of Testing Students The Lee County School District has voted to opt out of state wide testing of it’s students. Isn’t this testing done to determine how the students are learning compared to other students around the state? If you’re thinking of moving to Fort Myers or Cape Coral, your children could be […]

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