Sinkholes in Florida and The Worst Place to Live 3

There are more sinkholes in Florida than any other state By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the guy who got swallowed by a sinkhole in his own home and his brother’s attempt to save him. Sinkholes in Florida are yet another issue that most people moving to what they think is paradise never consider. […]

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Florida Pros and Cons 153

Does living in Florida even have any negatives? Ask anyone thinking of moving to Florida about the pros and cons of living in the sunshine state, and they will probably be able to give you a long list of imagined positives but may not be able to mention even one negative. Ask that same person […]

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Florida Jobs and Real Estate Market Continue to Improve

Florida Jobs Picture Florida had nearly the worst job market at the beginning of the “great recession” with unemployment near 13%. Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 8% in December 2012, the best rate in four years. November 2012′s rate of 8.1% had also been the Florida’s previous  four year low so steady improvement continues. Although […]

The best places to retire in Florida 1

Today there are more Best Places to Retire in Florida lists than ever. This can a good thing for people thinking of making a change as long as they use the lists properly, like as a starting point for further research. The important thing to find out is what criteria did the publisher of the […]

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Florida Guns Over One Million have Permits to Carry 8

Update: Florida Bill to allow concealed carry of firearms during hurricanes, riots, etc. If you have see the Florida pros and con videos on this site, you know Florida has probably more than it’s share of fights and riots. The state has hurricane issues too. But will allowing people that don’t have a permits to […]