Pros and Cons of Moving to Florida

What are the pros and cons of moving to Florida and why do so many people move move out?

  • Florida is the most traveled to vacation destination in the world most years.pros and cons of moving to florida
  • While on vacation, people experience many of the pros but rarely any of the cons of what living in state every day would actually be like.
  • After moving to Florida, people start discovering all of the negatives they didn’t know about or give much thought to before the move.
  • For most people who move to Florida, at some point the negatives outweigh the positives to the point where they will move out.
  • People that have actually lived there learn the real pros and cons of moving to Florida, but by then it’s too late. At that point it’s already an expensive mistake.

You might be saying to yourself, “this guy is nuts, I never heard anything like that before”. Why do I say this?

  • I myself enjoyed vacations in Florida so much that I decided to move there as a full time resident seeing only the positives of the state.
  • I have sold real estate in Florida as a Realtor, agent and a licensed real estate broker. I have seen first hand the thrill of hundreds of people as they moved into their new Florida home, only to sell it for them a few years later so they they can move out.
  • A study of a 28 year period using census and IRS records that was published by the University of Florida that shows just how transient the state of Florida is.

Here are just a few highlights from that study that covered 1980-2008.

The year with the highest net gain in population from U.S. citizens moving in or out of Florida from another U.S State:

2004-2005- 556,187 moved in, 347,330 moved out, net gain of 208,857

The year with lowest net gain:

2007-2008- 413,357 moved in, 438,085 moved out, net LOSS -24,728

Over the 28 year period that was studied, the number of people moving out of the state each year, far exceeded the net gain in population. So what does this mean? Every year lots of people pack up and move to Florida to live a dream. Every year almost as many people pack up and move out leaving only a small net gain in population.

Who are the winners and losers in all this moving? The winners are people who make money when people move and form new households. People like real estate agents, moving companies, furniture and appliance makers, etc. Who loses? The senior citizens on a fixed income who spend a lot of time and money to move to Florida for retirement, only to move back poorer. The families with children who pull their kids out of school to move them to Florida, only to pull them out of that school to move back.

Moving to Florida may be turn out to be just as you imagined it, but the facts show that won’t happen for most people. Oh you’ll be thrilled in the beginning, but as time goes on, most will end up moving out regardless of how much money they’ll lose. Improve your chances of avoiding¬† the same huge mistake that over ten million people just like you have already made. You already know the positives (well most of them anyway) of living in Florida.

Learn why 7000 people move out of Florida every week now and how you can avoid making the same mistakes!

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