Sinkholes in Florida and The Worst Place to Live 8 comments

There are more sinkholes in Florida than any other state

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the guy who got swallowed by a sinkhole in his own home and his sinkholes in floridabrother’s attempt to save him. Sinkholes in Florida are yet another issue that most people moving to what they think is paradise never consider.

Homeowners, Wind, Flood and throw in some sinkhole coverage while you’re at it. Figuring out what insurance to carry on a home in Florida is not as easy as in most other states. Actually that’s not completely true. If you get a mortgage to buy your home, the lender will tell you what coverage you must have or they won’t lend the money. Many buyers who are new to the state are often shocked to find out how much it can cost to insure your adobe in the sunshine state.

Video About Sinkhole Swallowing Resort Near Disney

The video has some good information but they have a political agenda.

Florida sinkhole reopens two years after it swallowed a sleeping man and killed him

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Sinkholes can affect any home in Florida according to sinkhole experts from the state. The area around Tampa Bay, especially Hillsboro County is particularly active. Over 500 sinkholes have been reported there since 1974 when they started keeping track.

While your mortgage company may not require sinkhole coverage (yet) it may be a smart move to make sure you’re covered just in case. You can consider the additional cost a “paradise tax”. All insurance companies offering homeowners in Florida are required by law to provide the coverage if you want it. Chances are, being swallowed alive while minding your own business at home will probably never happen to you. But if large cracks in your foundation and worst start to happen you’ll be glad you spent the extra dollars. UPDATE: You may pay for sinkhole insurance but never collect even if a sinkhole damages your home in Florida. Read More

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Sinkhole in Florida Swallows Homes and Boat 40 Miles from Tampa November 2013

The smaller sinkholes that develop in Florida are usually only covered by local news outlets. The big ones that swallow homes, resorts or people can make the national news. Such events have seemed to increase in 2013.

Video: Sinkhole swallows truck in Citrus County

Video: Child dies after falling into hole behind Ocala apartment

Florida no longer dominates Forbes Magazine’s list of worst places to live

No long ago, Forbes named Miami as the most miserable place to live in the U.S. Tampa and Fort Lauderdale were also in the top 10 of miserable places. The article that accompanied the list singled out Florida as a particularly miserable state. This year they changed some of the criteria used when choosing what makes one city a worst place to live than somewhere else. Cities that have high overall loss of population now rank higher on the worst meter. Now Detroit and Michigan have been awarded the crown of worst of the worst. Indecently, guess where many from Michigan move to when they leave? Too bad they didn’t know that most people who move to Florida, will move from there too.

Learn why 7000 people move out of Florida every week now and how you can avoid making the same mistakes!

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8 thoughts on “Sinkholes in Florida and The Worst Place to Live

  • milly

    Hi I would like help. I would like to move to Florida because the weather here in the northeast ( cold & snow(nj) is affecting my health. I have arthritis. . Now I ‘m hearing news about sinkholes all through Florida., I m so scared to move to the Florida. I need the sun &the warm weather . Please help. Thx , milly

    • Ron Post author

      The the counties around Tampa have been reported to have the most sinkholes, but you may have seen where one that swallowed a resort in the Orlando area recently. The risk is higher in some areas than others. If sinkholes are a major concern for you, you may want to research other states north of Florida for lower sinkhole risk that also may have less humidity and lower hurricane risk.

  • Jenn

    We (my husband, my 3 daughters & me) recently moved to Tampa from Massachusetts. I had no idea about these sinkholes and now I’m terrified. I live in North Tampa and now I don’t know what to do, I can’t even sleep at night. I want to move back to Mass but we used all our savings. I’m trying to find any info about these sinkholes that can keep me calm but I can’t, everything I read scares me even more.

    • Ron Post author

      You’re not alone. Lots of people move to “paradise” based solely on what they learn about Florida on vacations, only to discover it’s not what they expected, after they’ve spent a fortune to relocate. Sinkholes in Florida are just one of the problems. Unfortunately, many can’t afford to correct their mistake so you are not alone. The state of Florida has changed the insurance laws which makes it more difficult for those who pay for sinkhole coverage in Florida to actually collect for damage to their property. You won’t believe what happened to these people as told by the Tampa Bay Times.

      I believe people, for their own protection, should learn the negatives of Living in Florida (that your real estate agent and builder probably don’t want to discuss) before moving to Florida. The Florida Move Guide does exactly that.

  • Isabel

    Gentlemen: I am considering moving to Kissimmee, Florida within give or take three years from now. I am a little unsure due to the fact, that I have been doing some research online. And according to the facts there are occurrences of sinkholes. Please for the love of God, try to give me a straight answer, regarding the possibility of moving to Florida. I would prefer my safety regarding those sinkholes.

  • Cheryl

    Our family are considering buying house in a place called Riverview in Hillsboro County
    Near Tampa Florida what percentage is it to expect damage to a newly built home and
    Get personnel injuries from sinkholes? Would our life be at danger? How many house in that area
    Have gotten damaged? I would appreciate any information you could give me about this area is it
    High in crime?

    • Ron Post author

      Hello Cheryl,
      Sinkholes: Only you can decide where to move and what’s best for your family, but I would ask myself, why should I spend a fortune to move over 1000 miles to live in an area of the US that is nicknamed ‘sinkhole alley’? Are there any better, possibly far better choices? If I’m going to go through the hassle and expense to move my family it would only be to a place that will likely increase our quality of life (based on studies, reports backed up by resident polls because there is a huge difference in resident satisfaction: location does matter) without increasing the risk of harm.

      Crime: Riverview’s property and violent crime are significantly higher than the national average, so you won’t find it on any of our best places lists. Again, I wouldn’t move 1000 miles to a higher crime rate area when there are still great places to live with low crime rates.

      If you have read the Florida Move Guide you know what often happens to people who have serious concerns about a place even before moving there. Again, that’s based on 100’s of conversations with people selling to move out of Florida, that have previously went through the hassle and expense to move in. Now they have to go through it again.

      Sinkholes in Florida (and a separate policy from regular homeowners insurance that must be purchased to have a shred of protection from sinkhole damage) are a problem I found most people moving to Florida aren’t even aware of. In a book I’m releasing shortly, there’s an entire chapter devoted to sinkholes because I believe it’s already a huge problem and some experts feel it will only get worse due to building in riskier areas and draining the water below homes to meet the ever increasing demand and sea level rise.

      Good luck with your decision Cheryl.