State of Florida Battles Pythons and Mosquitoes

Swarms of Mosquitoes, Viruses, Aerial Spraying of Pesticides that Harm Wildlife, Pets and People

Reading the many comments in this Florida pros and cons post, many people moving to Florida scoff at the warning that Florida’s incest problem. They say “we have bugs here in NY too”, so it’s no big deal. Do NY authorities get a call a minute from scared residents alarmed about massive swarms of mosquitoes? Is the problem so bad that they fly planes over areas with homes and spray pesticides that kill more than mosquitoes? You won’t find this stuff in the fancy brochures selling the Florida “dream”, but you will learn it’s real once you become a Florida resident. It’s just one of the many reasons that 30,000-50,000 a month move out of “paradise” monthly on average. Read more about it here

Update: Florida Finds Aggressive Man Eating Croc

The Differences Between Alligators and These Crocs

Everyone knows that Florida is loaded with alligators. When I first moved to Florida, a real estate florida gatorinstructor of a class I was taking said that any body of water at any given time could be home to an alligator. He also said that alligators will avoid humans normally, except when they are in water, including the waters edge.

Many people who have never lived in Florida mistakenly think alligators are easy to spot, and say they’ve never seen them on visits. While that may be true, that they haven’t seen an alligator, it doesn’t mean they haven’t seen you. After living in Florida, especially if you are an active outdoor type, you learn that what you used to think was a branch or debris floating in the water is often really just a small portion of a gators head sticking above the surface, the rest of its massive body concealed underneath the water. Closer to shore, you may see what you think are bubbles or very small pieces of something¬† floating, but it’s actually just part of the gators eyes sticking out of the water to watch you.

Alligators are one of the most successful predators on earth that have survived millions of years without changing much according to scientist. While most other large predators on the planet have decreased in numbers or disappeared altogether, Alligators are thriving. That wouldn’t have happened if potential prey could easily spot them before they spotted the prey.

Alligators tend to avoid humans, unless we or our pets swim in or walk near the waters edge of their home. They lose their fear of humans when they are fed by us, because they then associate humans with dinner. That’s why it is illegal to fed alligators in Florida, and you will be arrested if caught, yet there are still people who throw food to them.

Man Eating Crocs and a Troubling Find in Florida

Unlike alligators, these could pose a more dangerous problem

The State of Florida battles pythons, get your python hunting license but look out for GMO mosquitoes

An exploding python population has gotten to the point where Florida apparently felt it had to act. Recently it had been reported that a python swallowed an adult deer. One of these snakes also strangled a baby while it was in it’s crib. Yes, the sunshine state has a big snake problem.florida python

The snakes come from southeast Asia and have made their way to Florida. It’s estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of these slithering creatures in the state. They can grow to 17 feet and weigh over 150 pounds. The state of Florida has decided the best way to get rid of them is to hold a hunt. Yes, a Florida citizen will now be able to get a python hunting license by paying a fee and taking a state approved course. My question is, will an online course be able to turn an anxious snake hunter want-to-be into someone qualified to hunt snakes with a machete or firearm in alligator territory? Hey, Florida battles pythons, it’s a state of Florida idea so how can it turn out badly?

Florida is even offering prizes for the best snake hunters. The suggested way to kill these predators is to cut off, or shoot them in the head. I think you have to save your heads to collect your cash prize. Prizes will be awarded to the hunters that kill the most pythons and of course, the largest snake.

Cat Eating Python Caught by Police in Florida

What you do when pets start disappearing from the neighborhood in Florida? Call the police so the can find the alligator, snake or whatever is devouring them. In this case, it was a 120 pound 12′ long python. You can see a picture of the snake and the 4 cops that caught it here

GMO Mosquitoes

The state of Florida has another problem that arrived on its shores from a far away land. A non-native mosquito that carries the dengue fever virus is on the rise. There have been nearly 100 cases of human dengue fever infection in the past few years. Because this particular mosquito is good at hiding under things like leaves, Florida’s usual mosquito control method of widespread spraying of pesticides by aircraft won’t work on these pests.

Florida’s plan is to release hundreds of thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes. These “frankensquitoes” have been altered so that when they mate with the problem insects, the offspring will have birth defects and die. The state of Florida is awaiting approval Federal approval from the FDA to begin the “experiment”. Again, how could this turn out badly?

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