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Best Place to Retire in Florida vrs the Best Place to Live What’s the difference? Many places now put out two distinct lists. There are fantastic places to live in Florida that don’t make it onto these modern day computer generated lists because maybe their schools are just average or they don’t offer a lot of job opportunities. But […]

Best Place to Retire in Florida Part 1

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Florida Returns to “Best Places” Lists After Years of Absence In the mid-90’s, Florida dominated most of the best places to live and the best places to retire lists. As a real estate professional, I was lucky enough to have just moved to Florida a few years before the area was named a top pick by one of the […]

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Sarasota is Florida’s art & culture capital right on the coast with the best beach in the US and Gainesville home of The University Of Florida in the center of the state. These two best towns to live in Florida because they are more like small cities with all of the services available but they don’t suffer from the […]

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retire to florida cape coral’s List of Best Places to Retire in Florida is Spot on with one exception Their Choices Cape Coral: The mention of Cape Coral for a best place to retire in Florida “for boaters” has merit to it. It has more miles of canals that eventually lead to the Gulf or Ocean of anywhere else in Florida. That does […]

Retire in Florida Smart Money Magazine gets it right

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Florida is still a great place to retire, for some but it’s not for everybody. Moving to Florida now to enjoy retirement can be a better move for some people than it ever has! The price of buying a home is about 60% off it’s peak. UPDATE: Prices have risen and are no longer a bargain in most desirable […]

Is Florida still a good place to RETIRE to?

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Things are looking up for Florida with a return to the best place to retire in Florida list A decade ago, Money Magazine’s popular “Best Places to Live” issue usually listed many Florida towns in the top ten spots. There were years when Florida would have 5 of the top 10 on the best places to live list. That […]

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