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Best Places to Live in Florida for the Wealthy

As the Florida Move Guide points out, the Sunshine State is probably the best state in the US for protecting your assets, just by becoming a resident. Whether you have hit the lottery or you became wealthy the old fashioned way (by earning or inheriting it), you may need a little help finding the best places to live in […]

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The best places to retire in Florida 1 comment

Today there are more Best Places to Retire in Florida lists than ever. This can a good thing for people thinking of making a change as long as they use the lists properly, like as a starting point for further research. The important thing to find out is what criteria did the publisher of the list use to choose […]

Florida foreclosures the good and bad news

Banks supposedly pay billions but Florida foreclosures shoot up 14%. GOOD Florida’s settlement with the big banks over robo-signing and other mortgage abuse amounted to billions in payments to the state, mortgage balance reduction and cash payments to some mortgage borrowers. BAD The robo scandal slowed the banks down but now they are free to foreclose. Will this lead […]

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Naples Florida Best Place to Retire for Nature Lovers

AARP names Naples Florida as the best place to retire in for nature lovers and among the top 10 places in the US! AARP, an organization that knows a thing or two about retirees has named Naples Florida as one of  the best places to retire to in the US. Not long ago Money Magazine named the Fort Myers  […]

Best Places to Live Orlando Florida

Where are the best places to live Orlando Florida area? I choose three areas, all within commuting distance of Orlando but far enough away to escape the hoards of tourist so you can relax. When living in central Florida, you are much less likely to have to deal with the full force of a hurricane or be forced to […]

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