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Red Tide Outbreak Causing Record Number of Dead Manatees to Wash Up on Florida’s Beaches Manatees are large slow moving sea creatures and are sometimes called “sea cows”. They considered to be as intelligent as dolphins, pose no threat to humans and have friendly curious personalities. They are a protected species in Florida and the warm waters (they can’t […]

Dead Manatees, Red Tide, and Florida’s “Win”

An oil disaster with Cuba’s Chinese made oil platform drilling in the warm waters just off Cuba’s coast could spell trouble for Florida’s beaches. The huge oil platform that was made in China and sold to Cuba is reportedly in place and will start drilling for oil just 50 miles from Key West. Concidering the recent BP oil platform […]

Chinese built oil rig owned by Cuba is in place ...

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Learn about RED TIDE before you move to Florida! It’s just one of the many things YOU WILL learn about if you move to Florida, especially if you plan on enjoying the Florida beaches or look forward to enjoying fresh Florida seafood. The real estate agents, Florida movers and other promoters of the move to Florida, and bring your […]

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