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Jobs in Florida

The Number of People with Jobs in Florida Increases! In fact, Florida lead the country in job growth in October 2013. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that almost 47,000 more people became employed in Florida compared to September 2013. The was the largest one month employment gain since June 2006, during the boom times right before the bust […]

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Florida Jobs and Real Estate Market Continue to Improve

Florida Jobs Picture Florida had nearly the worst job market at the beginning of the “great recession” with unemployment near 13%. Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 8% in December 2012, the best rate in four years. November 2012’s rate of 8.1% had also been the Florida’s previous  four year low so steady improvement continues. Although the Florida jobs picture […]

Florida Worst State to Lose Your Job

CNN Money Magazine has reported that Florida has the highest rate of long term unemployed workers in US! When you look online it looks as if there are lots of jobs available in Florida. A just published article from CNNMoney says that there are four people looking for a job for every job opening. If you are thinking of […]

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