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Florida Home Sales UP as Inventory Tightens Is it better to be a seller or a  buyer in Florida’s single family home market today? Well, when real estate markets first change from good to bad or vice verse, most of the public and even many in the business are slow to realize things have really changed. Also, the longer […]

Florida Home Sales Up, Best Beaches 2013, Governor Flips on ...

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Florida Jobs Picture Florida had nearly the worst job market at the beginning of the “great recession” with unemployment near 13%. Florida’s unemployment rate dropped to 8% in December 2012, the best rate in four years. November 2012’s rate of 8.1% had also been the Florida’s previous  four year low so steady improvement continues. Although the Florida jobs picture […]

Florida Jobs and Real Estate Market Continue to Improve

Florida Foreclosures Increase, Worst State in the US The state of Florida Real Estate Market is awarded the title of “#1 for highest foreclosure activity” in the US again in November, the 3rd month in a row. This is not bad news for everyone, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 7 of the 10 worst foreclosure metro […]

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Florida Homes sales up overall but prices down slightly while unemployment rate drops last year, but… The total number of homes and condos sold in Florida rose last year for the third year in a row, but the median price decreased slightly in 2011 from 2010. A closer look at the data shows that BOTH prices and number of […]

Florida Homes and Employment Snapshot – the Good and Bad ...

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Florida returning to a high growth state with a hot economy! How long are all those half price home bargains going to be available? The Florida real estate market and job availability started to stall long before the rest of the nation. It was the hardest hit when it came to price drops. It still has among the highest […]

Florida Job Growth Suddenly Explodes!

The Real Estate Agent you work with in Florida will probably not be representing your best interest! Most of the real estate brokers and agents in Florida will not represent you as a buyer’s agent. By law in the state of Florida, real estate agents and brokers are allowed to represent you and your best interest in a transaction […]

Who is your Florida Real Estate Agent really representing?