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Florida College Student Doesn’t Like Florida Video 3

The Future Remains Bright for Florida Moving Companies and Real Estate Agents. After living in Florida for about 10 years total, the Florida college student in the video bashes Florida, then she gets bashed by comments from people who never lived there. This is proof that Florida is probably the best place to be in […]

Look Out Florida Bad Hurricane Season Predicted

Florida’s Hurricane Season Starts June 1rst The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Climate Prediction Center expects this hurricane season to be an “active or extremely active” one. They say there there is a high chance of 13-20 tropical storms and 7-11 of those could become hurricanes and 3-6 of those could become major hurricanes. […]

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Florida Home Prices Increase, Insurance Problems Persist 1

Florida Home Prices are Up but Homeowners Insurance Issues Remain. Miami and Tampa are used in the twenty city composite to determine the rate. Both Florida cities scored higher increases in home prices than the national average.  Miami clocked in at a nice increase of 7.4% while the Tampa area homes were said to increase […]

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Florida Shark Attack Capital of the Nation

Most attacks Florida shark attacks occur off of Volusia County, Florida, Daytona Beach being the most famous city in the county. When most people picture a shark attack it probably comes from a horrific scene in a movie by a giant shark. Most attacks aren’t like what is pictured in the movies. Most attacks are […]