Moving to Florida and Homeowners Insurance Problems

Will Your Florida Insurance Company be Able to Pay? On Thursday May 30th 2013, Florida’s Governor Scott was quoted as saying “Citizens has gotten way too big…There was no way in a significant hurricane that Citizens was going to be able to pay” according to a report from Reuters News Service. Citizens Insurance was created by the State Of […]

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Sinkholes in Florida and The Worst Place to Live 3 comments

There are more sinkholes in Florida than any other state By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the guy who got swallowed by a sinkhole in his own home and his brother’s attempt to save him. Sinkholes in Florida are yet another issue that most people moving to what they think is paradise never consider. Homeowners, Wind, Flood and […]

Florida Home Prices Increase, Insurance Problems Persist 1 comment

Florida Home Prices are Up but Homeowners Insurance Issues Remain. Miami and Tampa are used in the twenty city composite to determine the rate. Both Florida cities scored higher increases in home prices than the national average.  Miami clocked in at a nice increase of 7.4% while the Tampa area homes were said to increase 5.9% in the past […]

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