Living in Florida

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What are the worst places to live in Florida also the worst in the U.S.? According to Men’s Health Magazine, Florida has some of the most “depressed” cities in the […]

Worst Places to Live in Florida

what living in florida is really like
The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the […]

What is Living In Florida Really Like

living in florida pros and cons
Here are 2 different Living in Florida Pro and Con Lists The first one is a typical list written by someone BEFORE they move to Florida.  PROS It’s warm and […]

Living in Florida Pros and Cons

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Florida’s Economy Improves Because People are Starting to move to Florida again. Florida has been a transient state for decades. Lots of people move there every day looking for paradise, […]

People are starting to move to Florida again