Living in Florida

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What are the worst places to live in Florida also the worst in the U.S.? According to Men’s Health Magazine, Florida has some of the most “depressed” cities in the US.. It seems they did research and compiled facts from such sources as the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention for suicide rates and the US Bureau of […]

Worst Places to Live in Florida

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The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the Theme parks with less travel hassles and expense. You get burnt by the stronger sun but learn to respect it. Those who don’t age quicker and are heading toward […]

What is Living In Florida Really Like

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Living in Florida Positives and Negatives, How do They Compare? In this day and age, most people turn to the web for information to help them make decisions. The more important the decision, usually the more research wise people do. Unfortunately, there is so much information out there it’s hard to know who to trust. Anyone can put a […]

Living in Florida Positives and Negatives

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Here are 2 different Living in Florida Pro and Con Lists The first one is a typical list written by someone BEFORE they move to Florida.  PROS It’s warm and sunny all the time, after all they call it the sunshine state. The beaches, I love going to the beach. The golf courses. Florida has more of them The […]

Living in Florida Pros and Cons

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Florida’s Economy Improves Because People are Starting to move to Florida again. Florida has been a transient state for decades. Lots of people move there every day looking for paradise, and many move out every day after living in Florida for years and finding that it was anything but paradise for them. For decades the number of people moving […]

People are starting to move to Florida again