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If you move to Florida for the “warm weather” you may be very disappointed. There is a big difference between warm weather that allows you to be outdoors, and oppressive hot and muggy weather that makes doing anything outside difficult. If you’re in the northern US, you usually experience a few Florida-like days every summer. How would you like […]

Thinking of Florida Warm Weather?

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Banks supposedly pay billions but Florida foreclosures shoot up 14%. GOOD Florida’s settlement with the big banks over robo-signing and other mortgage abuse amounted to billions in payments to the state, mortgage balance reduction and cash payments to some mortgage borrowers. BAD The robo scandal slowed the banks down but now they are free to foreclose. Will this lead […]

Florida foreclosures the good and bad news

move to florida
Florida’s Economy Improves Because People are Starting to move to Florida again. Florida has been a transient state for decades. Lots of people move there every day looking for paradise, and many move out every day after living in Florida for years and finding that it was anything but paradise for them. For decades the number of people moving […]

People are starting to move to Florida again

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500,000 People a Year Relocate to Florida and 500,000 move out of Florida, Why? After selling hundreds of homes as a real estate broker for people leaving the state, I can tell you that one of the reasons people relocate to Florida is the weather. It is not by far the only reason but it is one of the […]

Why Relocate to Florida to Live a Dream Only to ...