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Does living in Florida even have any negatives? Ask anyone thinking of moving to Florida about the pros and cons of living in the sunshine state, and they will probably […]

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The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the […]

What is Living In Florida Really Like

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Moving to Florida Tip #1 – Don’t move to Florida for the wrong reasons! Q. What is the #1 bad reason to move to Florida? A. Moving to Florida because […]

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Good Moving to Florida News: FL’s Economy is Looking Up! Florida is different than most other US sates. It is the most traveled to vacation destination in the world. Great […]

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Florida’s Economy Improves Because People are Starting to move to Florida again. Florida has been a transient state for decades. Lots of people move there every day looking for paradise, […]

People are starting to move to Florida again