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Does living in Florida even have any negatives? Ask anyone thinking of moving to Florida about the pros and cons of living in the sunshine state, and they will probably be able to give you a long list of imagined positives but may not be able to mention even one negative. Ask that same person five years after they […]

Florida Pros and Cons

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The Florida Move Guide gets slammed with a 1 star review because the reader felt it was too negative. The Florida Move Guide is too negative? Allow me to point out some facts. A study published by the University of Florida in 2009 on migration in and out of Florida, found that over 10 million people moved out of […]

Is the “Florida Move Guide” Too Negative?

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The First 3 Months to 2 Years You love living in Florida It’s everything you thought it would be. Being so close to the beach is fantastic. You enjoy the Theme parks with less travel hassles and expense. You get burnt by the stronger sun but learn to respect it. Those who don’t age quicker and are heading toward […]

What is Living In Florida Really Like

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Moving to Florida Tip #1 – Don’t move to Florida for the wrong reasons! Q. What is the #1 bad reason to move to Florida? A. Moving to Florida because you hate where you live now. After selling homes to people moving to and from Florida for nearly a decade and a half, moving to Florida because you hate […]

Moving to Florida Tips

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13 Year Old Cape Coral Kid Stabs Man to Death Florida is living up to it’s status of having one of the highest violent crime rates in the US. That will probably come as a surprise to people who vacation in the sunshine state regularly. The extra tourist taxes collected in vacation destinations beef up security in Florida’s tourist […]

Florida Crime and Safety Warning for Newcomers

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Will Your Florida Insurance Company be Able to Pay? On Thursday May 30th 2013, Florida’s Governor Scott was quoted as saying “Citizens has gotten way too big…There was no way in a significant hurricane that Citizens was going to be able to pay” according to a report from Reuters News Service. Citizens Insurance was created by the State Of […]

Moving to Florida and Homeowners Insurance Problems

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Good Moving to Florida News: FL’s Economy is Looking Up! Florida is different than most other US sates. It is the most traveled to vacation destination in the world. Great vacations cause many to move to Florida to live try to live like they are on vacation everyday. Because of that draw, Florida is known as a high growth […]

Moving to Florida News

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Florida Crime Rate be Careful when deciding where to live in Florida. The Florida crime rate in coming down overall according to FBI statistics.  Why don’t people who live in Florida feel safer? I normally don’t blog on individual crimes that happen in Florida. However, When Forbes a major business magazine named Miami as the most miserable city in […]

Florida Crime Rate Know it Before Picking a Place to ...

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Florida’s Economy Improves Because People are Starting to move to Florida again. Florida has been a transient state for decades. Lots of people move there every day looking for paradise, and many move out every day after living in Florida for years and finding that it was anything but paradise for them. For decades the number of people moving […]

People are starting to move to Florida again