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What are the worst places to live in Florida also the worst in the U.S.?

According to Men’s Health Magazine, Florida has some of the most “depressed” cities in the US.. It seems they did research and compiled facts from such sad man worst places to live in floridasources as the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention for suicide rates and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for unemployment rates. They dug for information on how many people are on anti-depressant medication throughout the country. They pulled up information on how many people say they feel sad all the time or most of the time.

What they found may surprise many around the country especially anybody currently thinking of moving to Florida. It wouldn’t surprise regular readers of this blog. Three of the worst seven cities for “sadness” in the US are in Florida. Miami and Tampa are listed as 7th and 4th saddest but the saddest place in the US seems to be St Petersburg Florida according to the data.

What exactly lead to all the depression, suicide and taking more mind altering legal medication to combat depression was not part of the study. A troubled economy, home foreclosures and unemployment that are almost the worst in the US probably has something to do with it. Leaving a state you know and loved for one that you thought would improve your life, only to find out it wasn’t for you could be kind of depressing. If you bought a home in Florida for $250,000 five years ago and now it’s only worth $110,000, that may bring someone down. It would be especially depressing if they owe more on the mortgage than their homes is worth and want to leave but can’t sell.

There are of course those that live in Florida that are happy with life and their situation. There are benefits to living there, both the obvious and some that few are aware of. The bottom line is to do your homework before moving to Florida or anywhere to improve your chances of avoiding depressing circumstances. Over 1000 people a day are now moving out of Florida. More on the “sad” news here http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/frown-towns

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7 thoughts on “Worst Places to Live in Florida

  • K H

    As Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.” A high rate of taking anti-depressants among retirees does not make Florida a depressing place to live. It may simply mean that getting older and the increasing infirmities of body and mind that go with it are depressing. My own father lay in a nursing home bed from age 80 to 85, unable to even walk, the last two years unable even to talk. The consequences of a series of strokes. Depression among the elderly has nothing to do with the state of Florida nor the livability of Florida.

    • admin

      You are correct, “depression among the elderly has nothing to do with the state of Florida nor the livability of Florida.”

      However, please allow me to point out:
      1) The report wasn’t solely about depression (although your comment was). Depression was just one criteria. It was about rates of divorce, home foreclosure and other unpleasant events in life.

      2) The Forbes report was not about the elderly either. The report made no distinction for age, it included people of all ages. Even if it were just about the elderly, there are four other US states with older residents than Florida, but they didn’t rate anywhere near as high in number of depressing events as FL did.

      3) I lived in Florida for almost 15 years. One of the most depressing things I saw as a real estate broker, was people who moved to Florida for retirement, bought their dream home in paradise, and realized they made a huge mistake and wanted to sell to move back. It was depressing to tell them the home the home they bought for $250,000 was now only worth $125,000. Florida is very transient and homes lost about 60% of their value during the great recession.

      Between 1980 and 2008, over 10 million people made the decision to move from Florida to another US state, according to an important study done by the University of Florida. I’m going to write a post about that study within the next few days. I think you may find it interesting.

      I’m sorry to hear about your father. My own parents are entering that age bracket and there are signs………….

      • Sherm

        I grew up in Fl, before Disney dug dirt. Living near the beach, was pleasant and safe then. Moved away to PA & loved every minute there. Having to return, to Fl made me very unhappy nearly 30 yrs ago. I came back, to help my Mother. Left again, as she was doing well, only to have her follow me.
        Again, I ret’d to the state, bringing my Mother back as she then was dealing with Dementia.

        Before, a final decision was made for her to move to a care center, she was living on her own. Not doing to well according to Better Homes & Gardens standards, but she preferred being on her own, then.

        I did the research. I THOUGHT I had found the answers and that she would be safe & taken care of. W/I three years, she had been stolen from. Emotionally abused. Physically abused. Isolated. AND, these were nice places, one being in Sarasota even. She was not completely aware of the infractions, but she KNEW something was wrong.

        Finally, thinking that I had found the ULTIMATE situation as her health added more problems to contend with, she was given a med, that she was allergic to. She developed rashes, which left uncared for with proper equipment & care, turned into bedsores. Hospice was of no concern and I fired them. Within five months of being admitted to this well-known Church-owned nursing home, my Mother was dead.

        Charges for nursing home neglect were filed under the term: Tortious Neglect. In the State of Fl thanks to Jeb Bush & Rick Scott it is very difficult to sue a corporation/medical care facility for neglect. My Mother died too soon, because of poor neglect. Caretakers are not paid very well and tend to neglect the needs of the elderly. Corporations have purchased these facilities and run them now for profit. People do not care for the elderly in a state, that is supported by those pensioners and tourists.

        My advise is always to “go back home” before age eliminates the powers of reason and let the “family” take care of the senior, if possible.

  • Nancy

    I hate to say this but “happiness is something we choose”, some people unfortunately are unable to achieve this. I feel sad for those people. We are a society that needs to feel good constantly, if not are perceived as being crazy or depressed. We owe the increase in antidepressants to the pharmaceutical companies who rule the world, and some physicians fingers are also on this trigger.Certain people will be depressed no matter where they live.

    • Ron Post author

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Reading the comments on this blog you’ll often see people say they are moving to Florida, and list all they reasons why they are unhappy where they are. They somehow feel just moving to Florida will make their life better, but too often the reality they find is far too different than what they imagined it would be like. “The Magic Kingdom” is located in Disney World.

      The fact the study found more depressed people in Florida cities than anywhere else is worth noting.

  • mark

    I live graceville, fl this town is a rundown delapidated dump that is at best In the 19th century no jobs no infrastructure no nothing pure grade dump with really stupid people this town is just a garbage dump come see for yourself forgot to mention lots of drug addicts.

  • Ensal

    Well, I can say with utmost certainty that Brooksville is a place I would not recommend anyone to live, unless:
    You are retired and not looking for any adventure. This is no place to raise a family. The general feel I’ve experienced living here since 2008 (when the recession was in full swing) is one of struggle with very little hope. I see young people popping out babies with no direction and stuck working in jobs that barely pay minimum wage. And they may never try to better themselves. There is no culture. No recreational facilities. No performing arts. No industry or jobs worth mentioning. Just retail, restaurants and manual labor. As soon as I get the chance, I am out of here!