Best Age 55 and Over Retirement Communities in Florida

Discover 3 of the Best 55+ Retirement Communities in Florida Today.

This article is about the best retirement communities designed and built specifically for the lifestyles of active adults age 55 and over.

To be considered for this list, the retirement community must meet all of following requirements to be considered:

The Retirement Community Must be in an Area with a Low Crime Rate

Florida has the 39th worst crime rate of the 50 states. Almost every Florida retirement community is a private development that is walled off from the rest of the world, where you must enter through a gate just to get inside. So most of these retirement communities are quite safe when you are inside of the development.

The problem is, you’ll have to leave that safety for dining, shopping and entertainment, going to the doctor and more. So if a retirement community in located in a city or town with a high crime rate, it won’t be considered for our list, with one important exception as you’ll see below.

How This Best Retirement Community in Florida List is Different.

To qualify for this list, the city/town (usually the closest) where you’ll have to frequent to get groceries or your prescriptions filled, has to meet all of our stringent quality of life factors.

That way you’re living in one of the best retirement communities, and when you leave to go out for dinner, you also be in a highgly rated safe town. Win-win.

The Retirement Community Must be in an Area with a High Number of Amenities Per Capita

Retirement means you will have a lot of free time to fill. The retirement communities on our list offer access to a higher number of restaurants, shops and entertainment options per 1000 residents, than most other cities in Florida. Almost every retirement community in Florida has a clubhouse, pool and offers additional social and recreational opportunities. To make this list, the retirement community must also be located in a town that offers a high quality of life when you’re outside the retirement community’s gates.

The Retirement Community Must be Age Restricted

I have seen developments touted as a retirement community, yet they have no age restrictions. If a community does not have age restrictions and isn’t  primarily geared towards the needs of folks 55 and over, then it’s just like any other community and will not qualify for this list.

Here Are the 3 Best Retirement Communities in Florida Today

In random order….

1) The Villages Florida

Age Restriction: 55+
Home Prices: From $100,000 to $2,500,000+
Type of Homes: New and Resale Attached and Single Family
Community Size: 56,000+ Homes
Restricted Entry: Yes-Gated
Open since 1978

The Villages in Florida is located west of Daytona Beach and north of Orlando, near the center of Florida. It’s located about 20 miles south of Ocala Florida, which is not on any of our best places on Florida lists because it suffers from high crime rates. The overall crime rate in Ocala is almost twice the national average. The violent crime rate in Ocala is twice the national average according to the latest FBI reporting so…

So none of the many retirement communities located in the Ocala area would qualify for this list of the Best Retirement Communities in Florida, except The Villages. Why? Because the Villages in Florida has “mini towns” located right inside it’s gates that offer almost anything you could ever need, so residents rarely have to leave this retirement “city”. The Villages near Ocala Florida claims to offer it’s residents more amenities than anywhere else on the planet.

Imagine entering through gates into a community of 20,000 acres covering three zip codes. Use your golf cart instead of your car if you want to go shopping, to a restaurant or to see a movie. There’s over 100 miles of streets and cart paths that will take you from your home to banks, post offices, all kinds of shops, pools, pubs, golf, health-care centers and clubhouses.

This retirement community is a self contained city of mostly 55+ people who are enjoying the time of their life in a very safe environment compared to the rest of Florida. It’s been referred to as Disney for Seniors. When most 55+ folks describe what they’re looking for in a place to retire in Florida, this retirement community has it. If you’re looking for a Florida retirement community where you’ll almost be forced to be active, socialize and have a great time, The Villages in Florida, near Ocala, is probably the best community for you. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.

See the “Disney for Seniors” The Villages Florida Video

The Villages Florida Website


2) Wynmoor Village in Coconut Creek Florida

  • Age Restriction: 55+
  • Home Prices: Less than $100,000 to $250,000
  • Type of Homes: Resale Condos
  • Community Size: 5000+ Homes
  • Restricted Entry: Yes-Gated
  • Open since 1989

Wynmoor Village is located in SE Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, north of Miami in Coconut Creek. The crime rate in Coconut Creek is about 10% lower than the national average and far lower than Florida’s high overall rate. Wynmoor Village may be ideal for people dreaming of retiring to a condo in Florida, who are looking for a safer place to live near all the excitement that Southeast Florida offers.

Wynmoor Village’s center of activity is its 50,000 square-foot clubhouse. There’s a ballroom where community events and parties regularly occur. This is the place to go if you feel like joining a game of cards or playing pool. Want to feed your creative side? Then use the clay, paint, stained glass or stone studio the community provides. There’s even a woodworking shop. This is also where residents can use the fitness center equipment or take a dip in the indoor pool to get or stay in shape.

Prefer an outdoor pool? No problem there because you’ll find a large pool and spa just outside of the clubhouse, and 19 more pools throughout the community. No retirement community in Florida would be complete without shuffleboard and tennis courts and Wynmoor has them too.

Yes, Wynmoor has year-round golf too, something that many people look forward to when moving to Florida. Although located inside the community, Wynmoor Golf Club is open to the public. Resident’s condo fees do not cover golf club membership or greens fees so you’re not paying for a golf course if you don’t use it. If you do play, residents are entitled to discounted rates. There is also no shortage of other golf courses nearby but outside of the community.

Although living in a condo where everything is taken care of is a dream for many who thinking about retirement, the Florida Move Guide points out it’s certainly not for everyone. But if you’re sure condo living is for you, Wynmoor Village is worthy of consideration if you prefer to be in Southeast Florida.

See a Wynmoor Village Video

Unlike The Villages, you will have to regularly leave this (and every other Florida 55+) retirement community to meet your needs. That’s why knowing what the closest city or town outside of the retirement community is like, is critical. Wynmoor Village is located in the town of Coconut Creek Florida.

See a Coconut Creek Florida Video

The Wynmoor Village Website


#3 Cypress Falls at The Woodlands in North Port Florida

Age Restriction: 55+
Home Prices: Less than $150,000 to $300,000
Type of Homes: New and Resale Attached and Single Family Homes
Community Size: 700+ Homes
Restricted Entry: Yes-Gated
Open since 2005

Cypress Falls is located in SW Florida, just south of Venice, in North Port Florida. The crime rate in North Port Florida is considerably lower than the national average. It’s rare for a Florida town to have decent quality of life factors, a low crime rate and lower home prices than most of Florida. That’s one reason why North Port is on our “Best Places to Raise a Family in Florida” list.

Cypress Falls is the only one of our picks where a new home is an option, in addition to resale homes. The Clubhouse has an internet cafe and a library in addition to the usual retirement community amenities such as a fitness center with social events, ping pong and card tables. They also have a barbecue pit residents can use. Can you plant a garden in a retirement community? At Cypress Falls you can because they’ll provide you with a garden plot.

Cypress Falls also has an individual whose full-time job is to help you enjoy the amenities and activities in the community. That’s a great thing because deciding if you want to play pool, swim in a pool, play tennis or bocce ball may not as be as easy as it sounds. And what if need you need someone to play tennis with?

If you take a short ride north from Cypress Falls you’ll find Venice, Florida. Venice has been on one or more of our best places to live in Florida lists every year, for a decade. Here Cypress Falls residents will find even more shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation. Venice also has great beaches, so you can enjoy them without having to pay the higher real estate prices and taxes that living closer to the water often entails. Cypress Falls at the Woodlands is certainly worth considering when looking for a retirement community in Florida.

See a Cypress Falls Retirement Community Video

Make sure the retirement community in Florida you choose is in a safe Florida town because you will have to leave the safety of your gated community for your shopping, dinning, entertainment and healthcare needs. North Port has one of the lowest crime rates in the state of Florida.

See a North Port Florida Video

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