5 Safest Places in Florida

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Quick Article Navigation Here’s why this Safest Places to Live in Florida List is Different Why Moving to a Safe Place in Florida is so Important The Criteria Used to Identify the Safest Places That Also Offer an Overall Higher Quality of Life The Safest Places to Live in Florida, the List Satellite Beach Florida … Read more

Best Upscale Towns in Florida

The Best Upscale Places to Live or Retire in Florida for a Luxurious Lifestyle Have you hit the lottery or became wealthy the old fashioned way (by earning or inheriting it)? If so and you’re thinking of moving for all of Florida’s tax and built-in resident asset protection benefits (read the Florida Move Guide for … Read more

5 Best Small Towns in Florida

Looking for the Best Small Towns in Florida? If so, you’re in luck because there are some truly special one’s on this list! To find the best small towns to live in Florida, we looked for places with a population of 25,000 or less for that “small town feeling”. That’s not as easy in Florida … Read more

5 Desirable Cheap Towns in Florida

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Lots of People Want Affordable Better Places to Live in Florida, But They’re Hard to Find Right Now! It’s unusually hard to find affordable, high quality of life places to live in Florida right now, because this current Florida housing bubble has been inflating for over 10 years. Allow me to explain… I’ve been selling … Read more

6 Best Beach Towns in Florida

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This Article Will Answer the Question: Where are the Best Places to Live Near the Beach in Florida ? So you’re thinking of moving to Florida because you love the beach, or fishing or sunsets on the water. Maybe it’s that tasty fresh seafood all great beach towns have. With all that coastline in Florida … Read more

10 Best Places to Live in Florida

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If You’re Going to Go Through the Trouble of Moving 1000 Miles, Why Settle for Anything Less Than the Best? Here They Are, The 10 Absolute Best Places to Live in Florida You can see the criteria I used to choose these particlular places, at the bottom of the article. In alphabetical order… 1) Destin … Read more

10 Best Places to Retire in Florida

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These Are 10 of the Best Places in Florida for Retirement Dunedin Milton Cape Coral Miramar Fernandina Beach Bee Ridge Key Largo Gulf Breeze Niceville Naples   Dunedin Florida My Dunedin for retirement ratings… Percent of population age 65+: 30.6% Crime and safety rating: Excellent School and Employment rating: Good Shopping and dining rating: Excellent … Read more

11 Best Southwest Florida Towns

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Wondering Where the Best Places to Live or Retire on Southwest Florida’s Beautiful Gulf Coast Are? Southwest Florida has become one of the more popular areas of Florida for people to both relocate and vacation. It’s especially preferred by people moving from Midwest and people 55+ from all over the US when relocating for retirement. … Read more

6 Best Places Miami-South Florida

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The 6 Best Places to Live in the Miami/South Florida Area Plus the Pros and Cons Of Moving to South Florida You you can save yourself a lot of time money and stress by thoroughly researching where to relocate, to prevent an expensive mistake. This is especially true if you are going to be moving … Read more

5 Best Towns for Singles in Florida

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Which Are the Best Florida Cities for Singles to Meet Other Singles? The quick answer… The best places for singles to move in Florida to meet other singles are… St Cloud Florida – The best affordable place for singles Fernandina Beach Florida – Best for singles who want to be near a beach The Villages … Read more

Best Cities for Renters in Florida

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The Best Towns to Rent a Home or Apartment in Florida In no particular order… Update: Rental prices have increased dramatically across Florida in 2020, 2021 and that trend of is still in place in 2022. 1) The Best Beach Town for Rentals in Florida: Bonita Springs Bonita Springs is without a doubt one of … Read more

The 3 Best Florida Towns For Clean Air

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The 3 Best Places in Florida for Air Quality Who Should Take Clean Air Into Consideration When Choosing a Place to Live or Retire in Florida? Everyone. Why? Because you’ll learn below how air pollution such as ozone can cause serious diseases and defects in children and adults alike and lead to premature death. So … Read more

Best Bike-Friendly Towns in Florida

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Do You Ride Your Bike Daily for Exercise and Fun? Looking for a Great Place to Move in Florida with lots of Bike Trails or Bike-Friendly Streets? Biking is one of the healthiest forms of no-impact (for less aches and pains as we age) exercise there is. Florida is ranked the 24th “best” state for … Read more

Florida’s Most Walkable Towns

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These 2 Pedestrian-Friendly Cities Offer a High Quality of Life and Promote Better Health Can you live in Florida without a car? Studies show that people who live the longest healthiest lives have one thing in common. They get plenty of exercise every day, and they don’t even own exercise equipment. They don’t belong to … Read more

5 Best Golf Towns in Florida

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Love Golf so Much You’re Thinking of Moving to Florida to Play All Year Round? Here’s what you should know before moving to Florida because you love golf: Florida’s weather is usually amazing during the winter, perfect for playing golf. However, what is the  price you pay for that great 3 months of glorious warm … Read more