Moving to Florida FAQ

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Moving to Florida Website Questions & Answers

Q-Why should I research before moving to Florida?

A- Because according to a recent Gallup poll, most Floridians don’t think their state is the best state to live in, or even one of the best. If you’re thinking of moving there, the odds are you will eventually feel the same way.

Q-But I thought lots of people are moving to Florida now.

There have been lots of people moving to Florida for many decades. The big secret that people who make a fortune selling lots, homes and services rather you didn’t know, is that lots of people have moved out every year for decades too. Well over 10 million US residents have moved back out of Florida to live in another US state according to a study published by the University of Florida.

 Q-But I’ve been to Florida on vacation so many times and loved it. How could I not know the state?

A- Florida is one of the most traveled to and loved vacation destinations not only in the US, but the world. Unless you will spend every day at the beach or theme park, living in Florida will be different than being a tourist in Florida.

Q-I’ve heard this site and your book are negative about Florida, is that true?

A-The Internet has 1000’s of websites devoted to selling you something in Florida that put out nothing but 100% positive spin about the state. There are books about Florida that that are 100% positive. I guess any site or book about Florida that isn’t 100% positive might then be considered negative in comparison. It’s up to you. If you are looking for “100% Florida is paradise” type material, you can get that from the 1000’s of real estate agent sites, builder sites, chamber of commerce sites, etc. that are on the web today. If you want a different perspective, you’ll find that here backed up by facts, figures videos and links to government and other reputable sources.

Q-Why did you start this blog and write a book about Florida?

A-I’ve sold too many homes to people who spent too much money moving to Florida for “paradise”, only to move out. Often they suffered a financial loss on home sales, purchases and moving. Hopefully this site and the book can help some people better know if Florida is really right for them for before they relocate so that doesn’t happen to them.

Q-What are the Differences between this Blog and the book the “Florida Move Guide”?

A-This blog is about events, news and issues that may help prospective new Florida residents learn more about living in Florida and the issues that cause people to move out. The book explains the issues that cause people to leave Florida, repeated most often by people who contacted me to sell their home to relocate outside the state. The book also explains what people moving to Florida can do to minimize or eliminate those risks that has caused millions of other Florida relocations to go bad. While the blog brings up many issues that you may not see discussed elsewhere, after reading the Florida Move Guide, you’ll know if moving to Florida is the right move for you or not.

It has to do with the amount of risk a move to Florida has! You don’t need to read the Florida Move Guide if…

Are you are young, single, no kids, you’ll rent in Florida instead of buying, and all your stuff will fit into your Toyota Corolla for the trip down. Then just do it, it’s low risk! If it turns out to be a mistake you didn’t lose much. You didn’t burn a lot of money to sell, then buy a home in Florida, and pay movers or rent a gas guzzling truck to drive 1000 miles to move. You won’t have to sell, move and buy again to correct a mistake. You’re young, there’s plenty of time to recover. On the other hand, if you are retired and no longer work, will be selling a home to move to Florida, paying movers to take tons of stuff with you and will be buying a home in Florida (especially at the top of the market), well then…

Q-Who would benefit from reading this blog and the book?

A-The blog:

  • This blog would be helpful to prospective newcomers who want to learn a little about what living in Florida is really like. The people who make a living selling Florida dreams and homes aren’t going to dwell on, or even mention the negatives of living in Florida. That’s not their job, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, if juries were only only allowed to hear from the prosecutor in a trial, the defendant would always be found guilty. If the jury only heard from the defense, the accused would always go free. That’s why everyone moving to Florida should get all the facts, especially on a major life event like moving your life to a another state.

A- The book

  • The book Florida Move Guide  (link below) would be most helpful to people who fall into one or more of the following groups…
  1. Anyone moving to Florida that will be involved in real estate transactions as part of their relocation. The book was written by a long time licensed Florida real estate broker, who’s been in Real Estate for almost 30 years. Selling to move to Florida and buying here is expensive. It can be devastating to have to sell in Florida and move back and buy again, yet it happens all the time.
  2.  Anyone who is planning a move to Florida to enjoy their retirement years. The older we get, the more stressful moving is, especially long distance. You really don’t want to put yourself through that twice at a time when you should be enjoying life.
  3. Parents who will relocating to Florida with children who be attending school. Not because the book has a lot of information on schools in Florida, but because of the high risk of moving out of Florida and the effect of changing a child’s schools, friends and environment repeatedly..
  4. Anyone thinking of moving to Florida, who has nagging concerns or is worried about whether it’s the right move. The book may help you realize if your concerns have caused other Florida relocations to go bad.

The Florida Move Guide is a must read if your relocation will involve of these factors:

                • Selling your current home, moving 1000 miles and buying in Florida. Why? Because that’s expensive. You don’t want to make a mistake and have to do it again.
                • Moving to Florida for retirement. Why? Because moving becomes more disruptive and stressful the older we get. You don’t want to have to do it a second time in just a few years.
                • Moving to Florida with school-age children. Why? Because Florida is different and changing a child’s world (new place, friends, school, everything) can be challenging. Big changes that don’t work out well for the whole family can have life-long consequences.Want to be certain if moving to Florida is right for you or your family? You’ll know after reading the Florida Move Guide.

              Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”