Better State New York or Florida?

Is Living in Florida Better Than New York?

Thinking of moving from New York to Florida?

If so, you’re probably trying to determine if living in Florida will be better than New York and actually result in improving your life.

This is a quality of life comparison between living in New York and Florida can help answer many of your questions.

Many people are leaving high tax states such as New York and moving to states with lower or no state income taxes because of the $10,000 cap of state tax deductions on federal tax returns.

But is moving for lower taxes a good idea?

Its been reported that most who move out of New York, choose Florida as their new home state.

Residents have been leaving the Empire State for the Sunshine State long before the recent tax change.

Florida overtook New York as the third most populated US state years before the additional tax incentive they have now.

Living in New York Versus Living in Florida

Cost of Living New York Vs Florida

The overall cost of living in New York is higher today than just about any other US state. This is according to information derived from the Cost of Living Index compiled by the Council for Community and Economic Research.

The overall cost of living in Florida comes right in about the middle of the pack, between the higher and lower-cost states.

Lower cost of living Winner? Florida


Crime Rate, New York Vs Florida

According to FBI reporting, the overall crime rate in New York is actually quite low, and places the state just outside of the top 10 states with the lowest overall crime rate.

While Florida’s crime rate ranking has improved over the last few years, it still ranks in the bottom half of states with higher overall crime rates.

Lower crime rate winner? New York


Which state has more things to do? New York Vs Florida

When shopping, restaurants, entertainment, restaurants, recreation and other activities are considered, both New York and Florida have more for residents to do to enjoy their free time than most other states.

New York State has beaches along its eastern shore, skiing in the Adirondacks, The Finger Lakes and wine regions and of course, just about anything you could possibly want to do or see, in the New York City metro area.

Florida is the number one tourist destination in the United States. Over 110 million visitors per year visit Florida to eat, drink and be entertained. The state is famous for its beaches and theme parks.

Both states rank in the top third of all US states in the fun factor, but New York actually nudges out Florida because it has a wider variety of available activities such as all that can be enjoyed in the mountains, having four distinct seasons.

More things to do winner? New York

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Better schools, New York Vs Florida

Many states in the Northeast have earned high overall school rating scores for decades.

According to the Quality Counts report by the research center Education Week as reported by USA Today, New York State schools are rated in the top 10 of all states in the US.

In the same report, Florida schools were rated 29th overall.

Better schools Winner? New York


Which state has lower taxes overall, New York vs Florida?

Okay, if you think this is going to be a slamdunk for Florida, you would be right.

The Tax Foundation says New York’s overal tax bite ramks it near the highest at #48.

Florida doesn’t even have a personal state income tax and residents almost the lowest overall tax burden of all states at #4.

But this comparison comes with the caveat.

All states need tax revenue in order to fund operations and provide public services.

While Florida may have lower taxes, it has fees that may cost more to do needed things such as register your car.

Wages paid for the same job in Florida maybe also be lower than what you would get in New York State.

So the tax advantage for lower income workers or those on a fixed income may not be as substantial as some prospective new residents may anticipate.

However, there’s no question that the higher someone’s personal income is, the greater their tax advantage will be in Florida over New York.

Warning: It may not be easy to convince NY tax authorities you have moved out of the state, according to a reporting from CNBC

Winner lower overall taxes? Florida


Which state has better weather, New York or Florida?

I know I’m going to take some heat for this next rating, but trust me, after you live in Florida for 10 years you’ll understand.

If you asked most people the United States which state has better weather New York or Florida, I’ll bet the overwhelming majority of people would answer Florida without a doubt.

This is what also what I thought after vacationing in Florida dozens of times over many years, before finally moving there.

As a real estate broker who talked with thousands of people who wanted to move to, and out of Florida, I have something to share with you…

One of the reasons people move to the sunshine state is for the weather, but ironically, it’s also one of the main reasons people give when moving out of the state.

Do you consider a higher number of days with possible sunshine preferable? How about humidity levels low enough to actually be comfortable while outside to enjoy it?

Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, if you combine more days of sun with lower humidity, both New York and Florida are similarly grouped in the middle rankings of the 50 states.

However, New York’s weather nudges out Florida by a small margin.

Of course, if you take a coat to the supermarket during the summer because you get cold walking by the coolers, you may prefer Florida’s weather.

Better weather winner? New York


Which state are people happier living in, New York or Florida?

When you think about it, this may be the most important factor.

Almost everyone would rather live in a place where there’s low crime over a high crime area, right?

So quality of life factors do matter, but…

Where would you rather live, in a city that has higher overall quality of life scores, or a lower rated place where residents were happier?

According to the latest Gallup Sharecare well-being Index, more residents said they were happier with their lives and community in New York State, than in Florida, but the difference was marginal.

Florida ranked 31st and New York took the 30th spot.

Happier residents winner? New York.


So, Is it Better to Live in Florida or New York?

As I was researching this comparison, a few things struck me…

  • Neither state is anywhere close to being in the top 10 best states to live in based on actual quality of life scores, although both are popular well known tourist destinations.
  • Both states have many individual scores and final overall scores near the middle of the pack when compared to all states.
  • On many factors there was little difference between the states.
  • The biggest advantage Florida has over New York is its lower overall tax burden. The higher your income is, the bigger the advantage living in Florida has over New York on this one factor.
  • For those with school-age children, the big difference in the education rating of New York schools over Florida’s is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Bottom line

New York won more of the comparisons above, but it wouldn’t be hard to find other ratings where the “the hotter the better method” method is used when comparing weather.

However, if that method was really valid, people would be flocking to live in the hottest deserts in the world at the same time many believe the climate is only going to get hotter.

Florida may have an overall higher crime rate, but there are cities and towns in Florida that have very low crime rates, including all of the places on my “best” lists.

The bottom line is almost everyone who moves from New York to Florida will love it during the “honeymoon” period. Some will go on to live in Florida the rest of their lives. However, many will move intending to live in Florida forever but will eventually realize it was a mistake and move out. That’s expensive.

Good luck on your choice!

Ron Stack “That Best Places Guy”

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