5 Best Towns for Singles in Florida

Which Are the Best Florida Cities for Singles to Meet Other Singles?

The quick answer…

The best places for singles to move in Florida to meet other singles are…

  1. St Cloud Florida – The best affordable place for singles
  2. Fernandina Beach Florida – Best for singles who want to be near a beach
  3. The Villages Florida – The best place for singles age 55+
  4. Palm Beach Florida – The best place for wealthier singles
  5. Dunedin Florida – The best place for singles that offers more employment opportunity

“Florida has a higher percentage of single, divorced or never married adults than you’ll find in most other US states”

When you think about Florida, you may think it’s mostly populated by married couples of retirement age.

There’s no doubt that Florida does have more than its fair share of married retirees.

However, you may be surprised to learn that Florida has a higher percentage of single, divorced or never married adults than you’ll find in most other US states, according to Citylab.com.

With so many single adults in Florida, there must be places in Florida that are better places for unmarried people to meet and mingle, right?

Well there are!

Here’s the 5 Best Places to be Single in Florida

In no particular order…

1) St Cloud Florida: The best affordable place for singles

St Cloud is located about 30 minutes south of Orlando by car. Unlike Orlando, which does not qualify to be on any of our best places to live in Florida lists because of its crime rates (Orlando’s property and violent crime rates are higher than the national average and the murder rate more than doubled in just 1 year from 2014-2015), St Cloud’s crime rates are both substantially lower than the national average.

The 6.5 mile Cady Way Trail allows St Cloud residents to walk or bike to coffee shops, restaurants and bars and provides singles an opportunity to meet other unmarried people. There are about 18,400 unmarried adults in St Cloud. This would be an ideal town for young singles as the median age here is about 5 years younger than Florida overall. Access to Orlando’s many theme parks and its huge job market is another big plus for people who are single in St Cloud.

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2) Fernandina Beach Florida: Best for singles who want to be near a beach

Fernandina Beach is on an island just south of the Georgia Florida border right on the Atlantic coast. Fenandina Beach has an amazing 55-square-block, very walkable historic downtown. It’s filled with unique shops, bars and restaurants providing plenty of opportunities for singles to meet. This safe downtown area is also within walking distance of the beach.

There are about 4,500 single adults in this small beach town of just 12,000 people. While the cost of living in Fernandina Beach is not cheap, it’s a bargain compared with what you’d have to “shell” out for an comparable “island lifestyle” (that most people only ever dream about) in most other places.

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3) The Villages Florida: The best place for singles age 55+

The Villages Florida, which is located near the center of the state, west of Daytona Beach and north of Orlando, is a great place for singles age 55 and older. Why? Because this retirement community is really a self contained 100,000 person city with dinning, shopping, drinking and entertainment all connected by walkable, bikeable and golf cart friendly paved paths. Just about anything you could possibly want or need can be found inside the safety of the walls of this massive gated community. It has been described as a giant playground or theme park for seniors.

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There are roughly 10,000 singles living in the Villages and you would have to make a real effort to go out of your way not to meet new friends on a regular basis while living here. There are even clubs just for 55+ singles in The Villages. Everyone you meet here will be about your age so you may have a lot in common with most of the other residents which could make it much easier to quickly make new friends. If you’re single and 55 years young and looking to meet new people, The Villages in Florida could be the ideal place for you to call home.

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4) Palm Beach Florida: The best place for wealthier singles

If you’re a wealthy single, or would just like to meet one, there’s probably no better place in Florida than Palm Beach (we’re talking about the island town of Palm Beach, NOT Palm Beach County in general, or West Palm Beach, etc). Palm Beach is located on an island a little more than an hour north of Miami. If you want it all such as a walkable historic downtown with truly elegant dinning and shopping, yachts and the beach, this is your place.

Palm Beach is one of the safest places to live in the US. In fact, all quality of life scores are exceptionally high in Palm Beach Florida, except affordability. The President-Elect (at the time this was written) Donald Trump has a home here and he could afford to live anywhere in Florida. Actually, many rich and famous folks own a place here. Palm Beach is a small exclusive beach town of less than 10,000 residents of which about 2,500 are single adults. The population here grows by 300% December through March when people leave their other homes to winter in the amazing weather of Palm Beach. If you can afford it, Palm Beach is without a doubt one of the best places to be single in Florida, especially when it’s cold in the northern US.

Tip: It’s far less expensive to be a resident here by renting an apartment than buying a home or condo.

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5) Dunedin Florida: The best place with more job options for singles

Dunedin Florida has such great quality of life scores that it has made several of our best places to live lists over the years. It has a large walkable, bike friendly downtown filled with independent mostly locally owned unique bars, eateries and shops. What it doesn’t have is strip mall after strip mall of giant macadam parking lots, big box stores and franchise fast food joints that you see in too much of Florida today.

The town’s large bustling but safe downtown area provides daily opportunities for single people of all ages to meet new friends. It’s also close to some great beaches where you can plop your beach towel down next to someone you find interesting. There are about 16,000 single adults in Dunedin out of a total population of roughly 36,000. Better yet, are all the daily opportunities to meet other singles while living in a town that offers a very high overall quality of life. What are you waiting for?

Tip: Dunedin is within commuting distance of the major employment markets of both Tampa and St Petersburg Florida.

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How We Picked the Best Places to be Single in Florida

To Make Our Best Places to Live in Florida for Singles List, Cities and Towns Must Have…

  • Low crime rates. Like all of the places on all of our lists, the city or town must have property and violent crime rates that are both below the national average. The last thing you need when you’re single and move to Florida, is to live somewhere that you’ll have a greater than average chance of becoming a crime victim when all you’re trying to do is meet some new people and enjoy your life.
  • A greater number of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, parks and other places (per capita) that single people may frequent, than you’ll find in most of Florida. Face it, you’re not going to meet new people while you’re sitting home alone in your apartment, unless of course you meet them online which many people do these days. Even then, you’ll probably want to arrange to meet them for the first time in person while having a coffee, drink or lunch at someplace out, rather than in your home or theirs.
  • Be more pedestrian and bike friendly than most of Florida. While you may meet someone new because they just show up at your door (pizza delivery?) or you’re driving to the grocery store, the chances of that happening are probably pretty low. Safe cities and towns that are set up so more people just naturally walk or bike to where they want or need to go, are preferred for this list. Sure, you may meet someone at the coffee shop, but if you and most of the people who frequent the place get there by walking, there’s just more opportunities to meet even before you get to your destination.
  • Better job opportunities and schools than in most of Florida. You’ll probably have less stress and be more open to meeting someone if you’re gainfully employed. There’s also the possibility of meeting someone interesting while you’re at work. Besides, the fact that many singles may need a job to pay for their living expenses, good job availability and better schools means that a best place will likely remain a safer better place to live for a longer period of time.

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